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Important Questions to Ask Before Choosing Car Glass Company

January 3, 2019

Car glass qualifies among the most important components of an automobile, which is why you must choose the car glass dealer after ample consideration. You may be tempted to drive down to the local car glass replacement service center near your house, but that is no guarantee of a good service. There are a few questions that you can ask the service center to ensure that they provide the best quality glass and prompt services.

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The Hazards of Driving with a Damaged Windshield

December 11, 2018

As a vehicle owner, you must understand the value of proper maintenance and regular servicing. Driving with a damaged windshield is one problem that remains commonly ignored. A car’s windshield keeps out dust, pollution, rainwater, and wind apart from playing an essential role in maintaining the structural integrity of the vehicle.
Here’s what happens when we fail to address the damage to car windshield on time:

Cracked Windshield

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Think Windshield Repair before Replacement

November 15, 2018

Being meticulous in maintenance of your car is always a wonderful idea which will ensure that your keen eye never misses out on any damage which might hide in plain sight. This is especially true for auto glass such as the windshield which is more prone to accidental damage, however major and minor. Such damage could range from chips to huge cracks in the glass surface, and on first glance, glass replacement might seem like the viable option.

However, when it comes to damaged windshield or auto glass, the first instinct should always be to consider repair before glass replacement. For the best course of action post windshield damage, we recommend you always consult technical professionals from Windshield Experts who can help save you major costs on your auto glass with a ‘Repair First’ philosophy.

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5 Simple Ways to Maintain the Car Windshield

October 31, 2018

Windshields are designed primarily for safety purposes. They provide structural support to the roof of the vehicle apart from acting as a barrier against the unwanted elements on the road. Essentially, they ensure comfort and protect the passengers.

A simple swipe of a dirty cloth is not enough to maintain this irreplaceable component. If damaged, the integrity of the car front glass is compromised and must be replaced or repaired immediately. Follow these 5 simple ways to maintain the windshield:

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Various types of Windshield Damages

August 6, 2018

Car windshield plays an important role in providing safety. The structure is designed in such a way that it protects passengers from any kind of unfortunate events. The windshield also offers clear view of the road while driving. Therefore, when it is damaged, it not only compromises the safety of the people it but also distorts the view while driving. Different types of damage may be incurred by the windscreen. Majority of these are formed due to debris stuck in the tires of other cars. Let’s have a look at the common types of windshield damages and see what will be a suitable replacement method:

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Driving Precautions for Cracked Windshields

July 25, 2018

Cracked windshields pose a serious threat to the driver and those inside the vehicle. It can not only blur your vision but also be the reason for major accidents on the road. A ding which occurred in spring is most likely to expand in winters, if left untreated.

The chances of incurring more damage are even higher especially during summers when the temperatures soar. Warmer weather means using the air conditioner; the sudden drop in the temperature causes stress on the windshield thus leading to cracks. The best way to avoid further damage and ensure safety is to contact professionals or pay a Swift, Brio or a Hyundai i20 front glass price for replacement. You can also consult an expert to identify if the cracked windshield can be repaired. Here is how you can keep your cracked windshield in check

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Cracked Windshield

The Effects of Temperature on a Windshield

July 17, 2018

Both hot and cold weather play an important role defining the condition of your car’s windshield. If you’re driving along longer routes in harsh weather conditions, your windshield can get impacted along the ride. Temperature related cracks are all too common these days, where weather conditions lead to unprecedented expansion and contraction of the glass.

Windshield repair becomes the only solution in these cases, as smaller chips and cracks can evolve into larger ones. While temperature itself may not be the sole cause of the cracks, it can be an attributable factor to existing conditions. Layer deteriorations, cracks and splits can become significantly worse when weather comes into play.

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Changing Windshield wipers to Avoid Auto Glass Repair

July 10, 2018

Windshield wipers play a significant role in ensuring the safety of your auto glass. They not only keep your windscreen clean but also save you from spending on auto glass repair.  Moreover, if you have dirty windshield, the chances of scratches is quite high. While windshield wipers are necessary component of every windshield, keeping them longer than required is something you must avoid. Worn out car wiper blades can cause scratches and affect visibility. Hence changing your windshield wipers every 6 months is essential. Here is how you can do it:

auto glass repair
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5 Signs that the Windshield was not Installed Properly

June 26, 2018

Cars are valuable to us and we believe in taking proper care of them. It is not only the looks but the safety that matters as well. Accidents occur when we ignore the safety warnings and decide to take things for granted. From car front glass to its engine, everything requires proper attention.

Did you know that a damaged windshield can increase the chance of a fatal accidents? An inaptly installed windshield poses many threats. Having a keen eye for details can save you from dangers. Listed below are a few signs you should look for if you reckon that the windshield has not been installed properly:

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