AIS Car Cleaning Service

Now drive a cleaner car every week! As part of our assortment of services to customers, we are proud to announce a plethora of  “Car Cleaning Services”.  People generally want to keep their car clean, here are some additional benefits of doing so.

Maintaining a car’s exterior is crucial to preserving its appearance in the long run. A dirt-free car extends the life of the paint, thereby prolonging the car’s natural depreciation. The deposition of dirt and filth on the car’s exterior may also lead to irreversible damage to entire parts, which would not only be expensive to repair, but also dents the vehicle’s overall value. Statistically, clean cars reduce accidents which are otherwise due to poor visibility caused by dirty windows or windshields. It is equally essential to maintain the interiors of the vehicle to prevent the accumulation of any harmful bacteria or dirt on the steering wheel, upholstery and, dashboard. Above all, a clean car is bound to make the owner happy and proud of their car.

Restore your car’s headlights from cloudy to clear in no time.

Our Car Cleaning Services are very economical and require minimal time.

Car Cleaning Service

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