Car Headlight Services

Driving at night can be risky if your headlights are clouded, scratched, oxidized, or yellowed. This puts you, your fellow passengers, and other car drivers at risk. Headlights suffer a great deal of wear and tear as they are constantly exposed to varying weather conditions.

Headlight Restoration & Repair

Headlight Restoration

Replacing the headlights is expensive, but you can restore them for a fraction of the replacement cost. AIS Windshield Experts does just that at an economical price. We restore hazy and dull headlight lenses using high-quality products made with the best technology. Headlight restoration ensures utmost safety as the luminance of the lights is enhanced, which makes it easier to see the path ahead while driving at night. The clear appearance of the headlights would also increase the resale value of your vehicle.

Restore your car’s headlights from cloudy to clear in no time.

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Headlight Replacement

Headlights like every other component of a vehicle have a service life and they will dim over time. So checking them regularly and replacing them when necessary ensures the best lighting on the road and keeps you safe. In addition, replacing dim or burned-out headlamps with newer models can provide up to 30% brighter light.

Bulb/Assembly Change

The headlight is composed of the assembly and the bulb. Exterior lighting has always been a critical aspect of vehicles. A broken or dim headlight is one of the biggest safety issues in the industry. It is critical for vehicles to have sufficient lighting on the road in order to both see and be seen and is paramount for the safety of the driver and the passengers. In case of any lighting issue that cannot be fixed with a bulb replacement, headlight assemblies may need to be replaced.

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