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Quick And Trusted Windshield Experts At Chembur, Mumbai

AIS Windshield Experts is a renowned and trusted name in the car glass repair and replacement industry. As a preferred service provider by all insurance companies, the AIS Windshield Experts in Mumbai, Chembur, caters to a wide range of facilities to meet the requirements of customers across the city. We have a steady focus on fast and reliable solutions.
We have earned a reputation for our exceptional customer service and high-quality workmanship. The primary service offered by AIS Windshield Experts in Chembur is a windshield repair and replacement. Whether you have a cracked front or back car glass or a broken door glass or a damaged sunroof, our experienced technicians have the expertise to handle any job precisely.
AIS Windshield Experts understands that affordability is important to our customers. To make our services accessible, we offer competitive prices, ensuring customers can get the necessary auto glass services without breaking the bank. This customer-centric approach reflects our dedication to providing value for money.

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Excellent Service given by you, Thanks a lot

Suman Prabhakar, Mumbai, Maharashtra

AIS Windshield Experts does the best job of replacing windshields that I have ever experienced. They contact you very quickly and with complete care.

Mr. Vivek Pawar, Mumbai, Maharashtra


How can I determine the most suitable windshield for my car?

The model and type of your car are taken into consideration when installing a genuine OEM windshield at AIS Windscreen Experts Goregaon to ensure the safety of you and your vehicle.
Yes, your comprehensive car insurance policy typically covers damage to the windshield, allowing for its replacement.
For safety reasons, we suggest waiting at least 48 hours after windshield replacement. We recommend following AIS Windshield Experts Chembur’s recommended safe driveaway instructions as well.
Windshield replacement is a technical job and involves the safety of your loved ones and you. We recommend visiting professionals like AIS Windshield Experts, Chembur, for the best and safest replacement.
At AIS Windshield Experts Chembur, windshield replacement price varies by car brand and model. Indian car models generally have reasonable prices for windshield replacements at AIS Windshield Experts. Facilities for insurance claims are also available with them.
The car windshield replacement service at AIS Windshield Experts in Chembur includes the removal of the cracked or broken windshield and the installation of a new windshield using premium-quality adhesives. Accessories which affect the quality and life of your newly replaced glass like wipers, FasTags etc. are also available.
In case you don’t have insurance and have knowledge and necessary tools, it may be a cheaper option to replace it at home. But we recommend you visit AIS Windshield Experts Chembur for best and safe replacement.
Waiting at least 48 hours prior to washing your car following a windshield replacement is generally recommended. Please adhere to the safe driveaway instructions provided by AIS Windshield Experts, Chembur.
Repairing a windshield is generally a more cost-effective solution compared to replacement. At AIS Windshield Experts Chembur, we prioritize evaluating the type, size, and location of the crack or chip and providing recommendations accordingly.
If your car has sustained cracks that could lead to significant damage, it is advisable to replace the windshield. A car windshield repair may be the appropriate solution if it has minor windshield damage.
The primary services offered by AIS Windshield Experts include windshield glass repair and replacement. We also specialize in car glass repair and replacement. We also provide numerous services, such as Wiper Blade Check & Replacement, FASTags, and sunroof replacement services.

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