The windshield is one of the most vital components of a car, but it is also the most susceptible to damage and rupture over time. The windshield is made of laminated safety glass – specially constructed to provide optimum safety to the driver and passengers in a crash. Laminated glass comprises of two separate pieces of glass bonded together with a layer of poly-vinyl-butyral (PVB) sandwiched between them.

Car Glass Replacement

A cracked windshield can be a cause of concern, considering the anticipated significant costs of replacement. However the replacement process seems to be more unpleasant if you do not know where to replace your windshield glass from, the type of glass to be used, or even whether your windshield requires a basic repair or has to be replaced. When the damage is less, AIS Windshield Experts can repair it. However when vehicle safety is compromised, automotive glass replacement is a better solution in extreme cases. We do both front glass replacement and back glass replacement.

When it comes to the rear and side windows of your car, they are not made of laminated glass. Here, tempered glass is used. Tempered glass is made by heating the ordinary glass and then rapidly cooling it, making it 10 times stronger than regular window glass. Upon impact, tempered glass shatters, but not into large shards of glass that could cause harm. What you get are very small pieces of glass that have a dull edge. However, if the side or rear window breaks, it’s impossible to repair. Rear glass replacement and side automotive window glass replacement are the only alternatives available.


AIS Windshield Experts is India’s first and only company that offers genuine automotive glass replacements. It provides prompt automotive glass replacement and automotive windshield replacement in India. Our services include rear glass replacement and automotive window replacement.

It is the only company in India to provide 1-year written warranty on our workmanship and quality of products used. Quality automotive glass repair services depend on genuine products. If you are looking for an automotive window replacement or automotive windshield replacement center, just search on the web for ‘automotive glass replacement near me’ or ‘automotive windshield replacement near me’ and find the nearest AIS Windshield Experts. World-class standards, international training, and top-of-the-line equipment allow us to deliver efficient and timely services to all our clients. Call our centralized helpline numbers to know more about automotive glass replacement, windscreen replacement costs, or locate an AIS Windshield Experts outlet near you. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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