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A battery is an integral component in any car as it powers the vehicle’s electrical equipment. Frequent battery checks and replacement, if necessary, are essential for ensuring a long-lasting battery life as well as good condition of all the components running on the battery.

The signs of a faulty battery include slow cranking of the engine, flickering lights, and corrosion stains on the battery. While several factors lead to a defective battery, the common ones are:

  • Weather conditions
  • Poor charging system
  • Grease build-up
  • Frequently switching the engine on and off

The battery is bound to last longer in colder climates rather than in hot tropical climates as the liquid inside evaporates. The battery tends to work harder under hot conditions due to the increased chemical activity. In case of a flawed charging system, the battery drains while the car is running, which results in the car stalling and/or the failure of all electrical components like lights and the infotainment system.

Car Battery Services

While corrosion hinders the flow of current, dirt and grease build-up could drain the power of the battery, thus making it faulty. Frequently starting and shutting off the engine causes the battery to drain faster. The load on the battery is further increased while using the infotainment system or any other in-vehicle device powered by the battery.

Car Battery Maintenance Tips

Here Are Some Good Battery Maintenance Tips:

  • Replace your car battery every 4 years
  • Keep the top and terminals cleaned
  • Check battery acid levels every 6 months
  • If it is beyond repair get it replaced
  • Add distilled water in case of low electrolytes

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