AIS Car Care Products

When you maintain your car regularly, its life span is improved. Instead of shelling out a massive amount of money at a service centre, you can maintain the car yourself with some simple steps!

Car Care Products

AIS Windshield Experts offers a wide range of quality car care products to make it simple for our customers to take good care of their vehicles. These internationally-proven products help remove the dust from the car’s body, restore its shine, and protect the dashboard from UV rays. The kit consists of the following auto specialty products:

Cloth (microfibre cloth)

Microfibre Cloth

This cloth consists of tiny strands of synthetic material made using fibres like nylon and polyester. These fibres make the fabric strong, durable, and enable it to efficiently cleardirt and dust from your car’s surfaces.

Cream Wax

Cream Wax

The application of cream wax on a car’s exterior prevents the formation of any microscopic scratches, thus helping car owners maintain a good outward appearance of their vehicle and prolonging its natural depreciation.

Liquid Wax

Microfibre Cloth

Liquid wax is a cost-effective solution for your car’s exterior paint protection. Not only is this kind of wax easy to apply, but it also lasts for about six months longer when compared to other types of car care wax products in the market.

Dashboard Dresser

Dashboard Dresser

The dashboard is bound to accumulate dirt marks over time and become messy due to storage of items. A dashboard dresser is meant to keep the dashboard surface clean and shiny. This product is popular for its wonderful fragrance and non-toxic nature which shields the dashboard from fading caused by the sun’s UV rays.

Glass Cleaner

Car Glass Cleaner

Smudges and haze-formation on windshields and window glasses not only make your car look dull, but also reduce visibility while driving. A good glass cleaner makes it easier to get a stain-free shine on all the glasses of your vehicle.


Automotive Shampoo

Automotive shampoos are powerful cleansing agents that hold all the dirt on your car’s exterior in suspension, inside liquid molecules, thereby allowing the dirt to be rinsed away with ease.

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