When your windshield gets chipped or broken, it needs to be looked at immediately. Postpone the task for too long and you might need to go in for windscreen replacement, which may be quite an expensive proposition. However, if you act in time, the problem could be fixed with some minor repair work.

Whether it’s windshield replacement or repair, most car owners do one of two things – either they get in touch with a local repair shop or they attempt to fix the problem themselves. Both courses of action are not recommended.

Windscreen Replacement

AIS Windshield Experts is India’s first company that offers auto glass replacements in India. We offer a prompt car glass replacement in India. Replace or Repair? This is the first question that all our technicians ask before proceeding to replace a windscreen. They operate on a 'repair first' basis, which means they will always see if a windscreen repair is possible before they advocate a total windscreen replacement. Cracked or broken windscreens cannot be repaired, they need to be replaced, and so do damaged side and rear windows. AIS Windshield Experts cautions car owners from trying to do windscreen replacement themselves. The process is a delicate one and it should not be undertaken if you don’t know what you are doing. For the same reason, it is not advisable to entrust your car to just about any repair shop near your house. You need experts for the job of windshield replacement and car window glass replacement, for which you need just AIS Windshield Experts.

AIS Windshield Experts uses only OEM-certified products that match up to international standards of quality. Every care is taken to find glass that matches the original one, so your windscreen replacement is done perfectly. In fact, we can even come over to your home or place of work to replace the windshield for you. If you're not sure whether your car windscreen needs repairing or replacing, ask our expert technicians! AIS Windshield Experts is your one-stop shop for all auto glass repair and replacement needs. To know more about our windscreen replacement and repair services, get in touch with us at our centralized helpline numbers. We will be more than happy to help you in any way we can.

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