5 Signs That Your Car Battery Needs to Be Replaced


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Have you been facing difficulty in starting your car lately? If so, probably it is time for you to replace your car battery. Why? Because your car battery is the lifeblood of your car.

The car battery is responsible for starting the car engine and powering its electrical components. An average car battery will last you nearly three to five years. So, if your vehicle’s battery has crossed this mark, consider a car battery replacement. But that is not the only deciding criteria!

Depending on usage, your automotive care, and certain other factors, it may be well-functioning for more or less time. Whatever the usage duration maybe, once the car battery grows weaker or dies, certain warning signs start surfacing. Here, we will discuss those apparent signs that allude at your car battery replacement.

Dimming or Flickering Car Lights
Suppose your car is weakening. The earliest sign of this can be visualised as the car lights' dimming, including the headlights, interior lights, and parking and brake lights. This happens because your car battery turns incapable of generating enough electrical power for powering the electronics in the vehicle.

When the headlights are dimmer than usual or flicker on and off when you turn the car on, it can pose a safety threat. You may threaten your life, along with the people in and around your vehicle on the road. Besides, it is a traffic offence to drive without your headlights at night or bad weather. On such occasions, it is imperative to get car battery replacement as it is more than just dimmed lighting.

Difficulty in Starting Your Car
We started with this sign itself, which happens to be one of the most vital signs of battery failure.

Over time, the battery components tend to wear out and thus, become ineffective. What happens is that the battery needs extra time to generate the charge for the starter. So, an old or weakened battery brings along a delay of a few added seconds.

The slow engine cranking seems trivial to most people. However, prolonged neglection can lead to a slower start, repeated clicking noise, and consequently, absolute inactivity. Therefore, do not wait till it hinders any of your vital tasks. Stay proactive in picking up any signs of battery failure and promptly get a car battery replacement.

Electrical Malfunctioning in the Car
We discussed the dimming of car headlights above; however, there are other electrical components as well. If you detect a lower sound of the radio in your car or your car windows do not work consistently, this is another sign of a dying battery.

Your car battery also powers windshield wipers, door locks, power seats, and dashboard lights. In any event, inoperative vehicle components are a safety threat.

You can get caught in real danger if this continues and hence, get a car battery replacement or take it to the service centre at least. Calling a trained professional to look at the battery can help you avoid the replacement procedure, although it is a temporary fix.

A Bad Smell and Corrosion
When a battery is dying, it leaks. It is this acid that gives rise to a pungent smell in an on-road vehicle. Thus, a faulty battery typically gives out a bad smell that is an indication for you to approach a car battery replacement expert.

Given this, a foul smell is not all that a physical battery checkup can unveil. If your car’s battery is leaking or needs replacement, you will find corrosion on the cable connectors. The white, ashy substance on the connectors leads to voltage issues and impacts the flow of current in the vehicle. Your car will not get sufficient power, resulting in low performance and a slow starting engine.

We recommend routine battery checkups after three years of car battery usage to catch battery problems from the get-go.

Warning Light on the Dashboard
Most cars are well-equipped with mechanisms to detect a faulty component on its own. You can find warning signs - a red battery symbol - on your car’s dashboard when your battery is running low or not operating at full capacity. If you find the sign illuminated, we are afraid that it’s time for car battery replacement.

Replacing the battery on your own? It is a disastrous choice as the professional technicians are trained to install the battery correctly. A defective installation possesses multiple threats, including waste of time and money.

Seeking Professional Car Battery Replacement?
Getting professional help such as Car Fit Experts at the earliest can ward off unpleasant circumstances. The last thing you want is to get stranded with a dead battery!

We are committed to providing only the most genuine products from Exide, Amaron, and their likes to our valuable customers. Car Fit Experts has a range of premium battery replacement and checkup services. We guarantee zero post-installation problems!

Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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