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Disadvantages of a non-genuine glass

November 25, 2016
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A windshield is one of the most important parts of a car. They prevent dirt, dust and particles from entering within, while offering a clear view of the road ahead. Moreover, a windscreen also provides strength and structural integrity to the vehicle. If you are looking to replace or invest in a new windshield, choose a car glass manufacturer who offers the best products. Today, you are likely to get a variety of windshields that offer numerous benefits like UV protection, thermal regulation, defogging and much more.


When it comes to high-quality car glass, there are two different types of glasses available:

  • Aftermarket glass
  • OEM glass

Aftermarket glass manufacturers re-use the dyes, which are used to cut the windshield too many times. Each cut removes some of the dye. The glass ends up being cut too small, and results in cracking or leaks.

On the other hand, OEM glass requires that the dyes be used only for a limited number of times, and is checked carefully for optical distortion. This is the reason why OEM glass costs more than aftermarket glass.

Disadvantages of installation of non-genuine windscreen-

Non-genuine windscreens are made from poor quality raw material. Hence, they compromise safety and are prone to leaks, chips or cracks. The rubber mounted windscreens are more prone to leakage than bonded screens due to the deterioration of the rubber seal. One can fix this by replacing the rubber seal. Leakages from bonded screens are much more difficult to fix, because they are often caused by the bond breaking.

In such cases, the windscreen needs to be removed and re-bonded, removing it can be extremely risky. Moreover, there are higher chances that an undamaged screen may break during removal.

If you are able to get a professional to examine your car, ensure they use genuine glass for your windshield. Windshield Experts is one such professional service provider, located in more than 40 cities with 70+ stores across India. They make sure that the technician completing your installation is listed and certified. Contact Windshield Experts on their toll free number-1800-102-6364, for any assistance regarding your windshield.


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