New Developments in Car Glass Technology in 2020


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Ever since automobiles became available for public access, the automotive industry has embraced technological advancements to provide better driving experiences continually. Through these advancements; safety, efficiency, comfort and automobile performance have all been enhanced.

Since car glass is a significant constituent of all vehicles, many technological leaps have been made in automotive glassmaking as well. Here are some key developments in car glass technology in 2020, all of which are meant to make modern vehicles smarter.

Panoramic Windshields

While driving, uninhibited views of the road are both priceless and necessary. As a result, Tesla came up with its Model X. This Tesla car has the world’s first panoramic windshield with a total surface area of 31 square feet. In the market, it is currently the most enormous all-glass windshield.

The car glass of Model X spans from the usual front of the car overhead both the driver and the passenger seats. Since almost the entire roof of the car is transparent, the whole vehicle fills with natural light during the day and provides views of the starry sky at night. You also do not have to worry about excessive light filtering through the roof since the engineers at Tesla have introduced solar tinting in the roof of the vehicle. Future Tesla models are expected to include the panoramic windshield design as well.

Display Projection

Once a trademark of high-class military aircrafts, display projection technology is slowly creeping into the automotive world as well. Display projection allows the driver to pair their smartphone with the windscreen of the car while driving. Since drivers can view their smartphone screens, maps, and other driver-assistance apps without being distracted from the road, this technology enhances safety and productivity.

With display projection, you can text, call or command your smartphone by just using Bluetooth windscreen pairing. Road-mapping superposition is another feature helping drivers understand road conditions better. Display projection technology can already be seen in luxury car models of brands like BMW, Jaguar, Cadillac and Land Rover.

Gorilla Glass

Gorilla glass is a special, extra-strong car glass designed by Corning. It is an automotive adaptation of Corning smartphone screens which claim to be breakage and scratch-resistant.

Gorilla glass proves to be cost-efficient and long-lasting in both windshields and windows. With regular car glass, the chances of breakage are extremely high. However, Gorilla glass can withstand substantial impacts from hailstorms, stones and debris. It is incredibly lightweight and therefore, saves both fuel and energy. Its display is three times brighter and sharper than that of regular car glass. It also supports technologies like display projection, making it compatible with most technologically-advanced vehicles.

Since Gorilla glass reduces carbon monoxide emissions, it is ecologically-friendly as well and supports the pollution-limiting regulations followed in most countries.

Silver Embedded Glass

Safety and driver comfort are becoming top priorities for car manufacturers these days. While many types of car glasses support safety enhancements, silver embedded glass from Volkswagen takes exceptional care to new heights.

In hot regions, cars become a sauna if parked for long. This happens because glass traps the sun’s heat as it enters the vehicle. Presence of silver in car glass can solve this problem by reflecting close to 60% of the sun’s rays.

During winters, the Icy interiors of your car can be unpleasant. Since silver is the best conductor of electricity, windscreens and windows containing traces of it can be electrified and used to heat the vehicle when desired. This also allows for easy removal of snow from the screen, allowing the driver unobstructed visibility.

Smart Car Glass

Smart glass is traditionally a commercial glass type used in the construction of buildings. This technology has found its way in the automotive industry for driving enhancement. McLaren, a British luxury sports car manufacturer has laced its HyperGT model with car glass having advanced glazing. The car is set to debut this year, bringing smart glass technology in vehicles, to life.

With smart glass, drivers can adjust the amount of light entering the car at the click of a button. The opacity of the windshield and the windows can be adjusted to suit the driver and the passengers. Moreover, incremental adjustments in tint are also allowed. With smart glass, driving becomes safer due to reduced glare and comfort improves because of the better functioning of the air-conditioning as light influx reduces.

Future renditions of automotive smart glass are expected to be automatic, adjusting tint and opacity as the amount of light falling on the glass varies.

All of the above-mentioned car glass technologies will revolutionise the automotive sector. Soon, even budget cars will incorporate these technologies, making smarter driving more accessible.

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