BMW 5 Series

About BMW 5 Series

With a dynamic and elegant design, the BMW 5 Series is the perfect modern sedan. Its sporty look stems from a continuous kidney grille and headlight arrangement. The interiors of the vehicle are equally plush, with a high-grade Harman Kardon surround system, a multifunction instrument display, a Sensatec Instrument Panel, and Nappa Leather comfort seats. To keep the driver and the passengers comfortable, BMW has equipped this model with a 4-zone air conditioning system. A 1995 ccm engine ensures excellent performance and reaches 0 to 100 km/hr in merely 7.5 seconds. The 5 series, therefore, is a complete speed and luxury package wrapped in a lightweight aluminium body.

Importance of Maintaining BMW 5 Series

Modern luxury cars, such as those in the BMW 5 Series, require expert maintenance and care. Damages to any part of the car must not be overlooked, whether it is the battery or the windshield; even minor damages are capable of compromising your car’s performance. Auto glass is not just an ornamental feature of your BMW. It is critical to your safety and the vehicle’s structural integrity.

What Happens if Your Windshield is Broken?

Broken windshields can compromise your safety in case of rollover accidents. The airbag system and other driver assistance features might also stop working because of a chipped or a cracked windshield. If you see any chips or cracks on your windshield, be sure to take your car to an auto glass repair professional as soon as possible.

AIS Windshield Experts’ Products and Services

In case of any damage to the auto glass of your five series, approach AIS Windshield Experts. At AIS Windshield Experts, we only use OEM grade factory materials, high-quality adhesives like polyurethane, and world-class replacement equipment. We also stock exclusive auto glass for different car models at all of our 80 service centres in 45+cities. In addition to windshield repair and replacement, we also offer windshield wiper blade check and replacement. We follow a repair-first policy and will only suggest windshield replacement when required. While attending to your vehicle, our experts adhere strictly to internationally-prescribed safety norms and use world-class replacement equipment. To make windshield repair and replacement hassle-free for you, we also offer doorstep services.


Frequently Asked Questions

Determining the actual cost of windshield replacement for your BMW 5 Series depends on various factors. You may talk to our executives by calling on +91-9818866364 or by visiting the AIS Windshield Experts centre near you.

The BMW 5 Series windshield replacement service includes replacing the cracked/broken windshield with a new AIS windshield using the best quality adhesives

A good car glass for your BMW 5 Series needs to be shatterproof. AIS Windshield is the best-in-class auto glass available in the market for windshield replacement.

It may take 2 to 4 hours to complete the BMW 5 Series windshield replacement process, including the time for the adhesive material to dry, ensuring superior quality and endurance of the new car glass.

It depends upon the glass type being replaced. In case, it is front or rear glass of your BMW 5 Series, you should wait at least for 30- 60 minutes.


Make Model Glass Position Glass Type
BMW BMW 5 Series (F10, E60, F07) Windshield Green
Defogger (Rear Windshield)