Honda WR-V

About Honda WR-V

Launched in March 2017, the Honda WR-V is an inspired version of its hatchback sibling, Jazz, and shares somewhat a similar countenance. The car has an engine displacement of 1199 cc, a power of 89 bhp, and a mileage of 17.5 kmpl. It is available in the petrol variant manual transmission. This dream-drive is loaded with functionalities – driving experience control eco, anti-glare mirrors, air-quality control, remote trunk opener, anti-theft device, child safety lock, speed-sensing door lock, power-assisted steering, passenger airbags, crash sensor, and so much more!

 Why and How to Take Best Care of Your Honda WR-V

If you want your Honda WR-V to always take care of your needs, you need to take care of it. And all that your precious car asks for is timely maintenance. Regularly monitoring your car’s performance and frequent check-ups by a reliable car-care service provider will not only extend the life of your vehicle and keep it performing at its best but will also save you loads in terms of money and time. More importantly, regular maintenance will also render a high resale value to your car. Checking tyre pressure now and then, the oil level as needed, keeping the windshield of your car tidy and spot-free, etc. are simple yet effective ways of keeping your car healthy.

How Safe is a Damaged Windshield?

There is nothing more important than health, even the health of your beloved Honda WR-V. Often served with leftover attention, the windshield is nonetheless one of the most important of your car’s components, strengthening its chassis and helping the roof resist being crushed during a rollover accident. Though apparently insignificant, even the slightest of damage to the windshield can compromise your car’s structural integrity, endangering the lives of those inside. Not to mention the reduced visibility that occurs if the damage lies directly in the driver’s field of vision.

To steer clear of safety hazards, it is imperative that you have your car’s auto glass repaired or replaced, as the case may be, without undue delay.

 AIS Windshield Experts to the Rescue!

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Make Model Glass Position Glass Brand Glass Type
Honda WR-V Rear Windshield/ Defogger Asahi India Glass (AIS) Green
Front Windshield