Hyundai i10

About Hyundai i10

The Hyundai i10 is one of the most successful cars by the Korean automakers. It made its debut in 2007 and with its arrival in the Indian markets, the Hyundai i10 garnered a huge fan following like its predecessors.

Features and Specifications

The i10 showed the world that Hyundai could deliver exceptionally well on quality, style, and performance. The Hyundai i10 measures 3,585 mm in length, 1,595 mm in width and 1,550 mm in height. Despite its small exterior, the Hyundai i10 has a practical interior and provides a generous amount of space, making sure that you can travel in comfort. The Hyundai i10 comes with a 2 DIN stereo that has USB, CD, AUX, and Radio options. The Hyundai i10 boasts of a rigid body structure that can provide maximum protection for the occupants in the car. This well-built peppy car is the perfect companion for a drive in the city.

What Happens If You Drive With a Damaged Windshield

Often viewed as only an ornamental addition, the windshield, in reality, is a vital part of your car. It protects you from outside elements, provides structural integrity to your car, helps in the proper deployment of airbags, and most importantly protects you in the face of front-end collision and accidents. The windshield of your car supports the roof and prevents it from collapsing in a rollover. It also stops you from being thrown from your vehicle. But, if your windshield is damaged then it won’t be able to provide any of the safety measures for which it is installed in cars. A damaged windshield can cause safety hazards that can have fatal consequences. This is why if your car’s windshield is damaged, you must get it immediately handled by a professional who has the experience of dealing with windshield repair and replacement.

Why Choose AIS Windshield Experts

AIS Windshield Experts is India’s leading automotive glass repair and replacement company. We offer quick and hassle-free auto glass repair and replacement services. We provide world-class and genuine glass for your car. Our team of well-trained technicians is equipped with the best tools and has the specialised knowledge to undertake your windshield installation most safely. To provide you best results, our team always uses the best techniques and observes all international-safety standards. Our extensive network comprising of 80+ conveniently-located service centres in more than 45 Indian cities make it easy for us to provide prompt services for your car needs. We care about your convenience which is why we also offer doorstep services via our several mobile vans.


Frequently Asked Questions

Determining the actual cost of windshield replacement for your Hyundai i10 depends on various factors. You may talk to our executives by calling on +91-9818866364 or by visiting the AIS Windshield Experts centre near you.

The Hyundai i10 windshield replacement service includes replacing the cracked/broken windshield with a new AIS windshield using the best quality adhesives

A good car glass for your Hyundai i10 needs to be shatterproof. AIS Windshield is the best-in-class auto glass available in the market for windshield replacement.

It may take 2 to 4 hours to complete the Hyundai i10 windshield replacement process, including the time for the adhesive material to dry, ensuring superior quality and endurance of the new car glass.

It depends upon the glass type being replaced. In case, it is front or rear glass of your Hyundai i10, you should wait at least for 30- 60 minutes.


Make Model Glass Position Glass Brand Glass Type
Hyundai i10 Rear Windshield (Backlite) Asahi India Glass (AIS) Green
Door Glass
Front Windshield
Body Glass