Mercedes Benz E Class

A Mercedes-Benz E-Class, old or new, is always a big deal in the automotive world. For more than three decades, this car has set the benchmark for several luxury cars. No wonder this model accounts for a third of the brand’s automotive sales worldwide.  


About Mercedes-Benz E-Class 


Originally launched in 1995, the E-Class has gone through several facelifts in keeping with modern-day aesthetics. It is certainly a vehicle that bellows affluence and class, thanks to its elongated bonnet, coupé-esque roof, and graceful body creating an exciting silhouette. The E-Class comes in three major models viz. E200, E220d and E350d. These models are available in both petrol and diesel variants with automatic transmission only.  


Features and Specifications 


Mercedes-Benz is the prime example of quality German engineering and it can be felt the minute you steer an E-Class. The E200, E220 are equipped with a 2-litre engine, 4 inline cylinders, and 193 bhp, whereas the E 350 is fitted with a 3-litre V6 engine, 6 cylinders, and 255 bhp. All E-Class models come with adjustable steering, luxe leather seats, reclining back seats, seat warmers, touch screen systems, state-of-the-art surround sound entertainment unit, push start-stop button, sophisticated GPS navigation, driver and passenger airbags, brake assist, park assist, and much more. 


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Choose AIS Windshield Experts for Luxury Cars 


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Make Model Glass Position Glass Type
Mercedes Benz E-Class (W211/W212) Windshield Green