Adhesives we use for Windshield bonding

We at AIS Windshield Experts care for your safety. We are aware that when you go for glass replacement, you select the original glass for replacement but do not worry about the adhesive which bonds the glass to the car.  To provide extra safety for you & your vehicle, we use rubber based adhesive Polyurethane.

Currently common products available in market to replace the glass are:                                                        

  • Polyurethane
  • Silicon
  • Modified silicon
  • Butyrl
  • Acrylic

All above products other than polyuretheane are just sealants.

The fundamental difference between adhesive and sealant is:

Adhesives - They unite 2 unlike bodies together. Eg. Glass and  metal.
Sealant - It has chemicals to form hard water proof coating. It only fills the gap & does not let water in.

The difference between Urethane (adhesive) and Silicone (sealant) are:

  • Urethane is 90 times stronger than silicone
  • Urethane is approved by OEMs where as silicone is not
  • Urethane has better elongation
  • Silicone gets softened by high temperature & humidity
  • Silicone is weak at joints and is messy

Urethane forms an integral part of the structural support in today's automobiles. In case of a collision, it prevents the occupants from being thrown out of the car by holding the windshield in its place. Besides, in case of a roll over, it prevents the roof from caving in.

When you are getting your car's windshield replaced, always use best quality adhesives for your car. For more details, contact us at our helpline numbers.

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