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In the Indian market for windshield replacement and repair, AIS Windshield Experts on AJC Bose Road, Kolkata has established a reputation for quality and client convenience. All glass-related issues, such as shattered door glass, broken sunroof glass, and more, can be fixed by AIS Windshield Experts in Kolkata.

Thanks to the skilled and professional specialists at AIS Windshield Experts Kolkata, who are equipped to operate on all types of automobiles, all your car glass needs will be handled with precision and care. Your family’s safety are the top priorities for us.

To ensure that all windscreen replacements and repairs are completed with the highest care and precision, we closely adhere to industry standards and practices. With complete help from our experts, you can have a hassle-free car glass replacement & repair covered by your car insurance. You can also claim cashless insurance for car with end to end support from our team.

We service all models in Kolkata, from premium cars like Audi, BMW, and Mercedes Benz to Maruti, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mahindra, Tata, MG etc. We provide a comprehensive range of services, including sunroof replacement, FasTags for toll roads, wiper installations, and glass repair for commercial vehicles.

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AIS Windshield Experts was really good with their workmanship and gave me a really good deal.

Mr. Subhrangshu Ganguly, Kolkata , West Bengal

Their customer service is excellent. They even fit me in when I had to change the location.

Mr. Pradip Sengupta, Kolkata , West Bengal


How much time does it take to replace a car windshield?

Your car glass repair or replacement at AIS Windshield Experts AJC Bose Road, Kolkata could take two to four hours to complete. For quick and easy replacement, look for windshield replacement near me.
a. At AIS Windshield Experts, Kolkata, we offer comprehensive services for car insurance claim support, for windshield replacement utilizing the highest quality materials for your front or rear windshield.
The professionals at AIS Windshield Experts Kolkata will offer you aftercare advice and safe driving tips after your car windscreen repair or replacement. Waiting at least twenty-four hours is best.
Although challenging, we have the tools at AIS Windshield Experts Kolkata to quickly fix and activate your new FasTags. We also try our best to carefully remove other stickers off of your car.
To guarantee safety and quality during your driving experience, we at AIS Windshield Experts Kolkata inspect the brand, make, and model of your vehicle and replace the windshield with an authentic OEM windshield.
The type and model of the car determines how much a windshield replacement at AIS Windshield Experts AJC Bose Road, Kolkata would price. The costs for windshield replacement at AIS Windshield Experts are generally reasonable for all car makes and models. We can also assist you with car insurance claims because we have ties to more than 20 insurance providers.
A windshield keeps you and your loved ones safe and is an essential component of your car's structural integrity. In light of this, it is advised that you replace or repair your car's windshield only by hiring qualified professionals from AIS Windshield Experts Kolkata.
Windshield damage is covered by comprehensive care insurance; it may not be covered by other policies. For precise information about replacing your windshield under insurance, get in touch with your policy provider.
Repairing a windshield is typically less expensive than replacing it. Our initial objective at AIS Windshield Experts Kolkata is to assess the type, location, size, and thickness of any cracks or chips before recommending a repair or replacement.

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