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Up until a few years ago, auto glass repair was a term that was alien to most automobile professionals. A chip or crack on the windshield meant you would have to get it replaced, often at a considerable cost. Today, modern technology makes windshield chip repair possible, saving you not just money, but also time and a lot of hassle.

Safety – The prime concern

In case the windshield is severely damaged, experts recommend getting it replaced since car windscreen repair is possible only under specific circumstances. Prioritize the safety of the passengers before anything else.

Comprehensive Windshield Solutions under One Roof

Whether you are looking at windshield chip repair, windscreen repair or windshield replacement, AIS Windshield Experts is your one stop shop for all windshield related solutions. Providing fast and easy car chip repair and replacement, we are the first and only establishment of its kind in the country. Moreover, we provide 1-year warranty on our products and workmanship. With minimal time investment, and low overall costs, AIS Windshield Experts offers world class automotive glass repair services to all its customers.

We’ve simplified car windscreen crack repair and replacement so much you have no excuse for ignoring the broken car glass on your vehicle. Drive into the nearest AIS Windshield Experts center in your city and drive out with a perfectly repaired car glass or with a brand-new car glass.

AIS Windshield Experts – An Asahi India Glass Company

Asahi India Glass Ltd. (AIS), is the leading auto glass manufacturer and the most trusted supplier to the leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) – both in the passenger car and commercial vehicle segment.

Trust AIS Windshield Experts for all Windshield related problems!

Auto Glass Repair Limitations

  • A windshield may be repaired it has 2 chips; more damage warrants replacement
  • Repairing a windscreen crack is not advisable if the damage penetrates both the layers of the glass
  • Windscreen crack repair is not possible if the poly-vinyl butyral layer has been damaged
  • Car windshield crack repair is not the right option if the damage begins or ends at the edge as it compromises the integrity of the glass
  • If the windshield incurs damage at the same place twice, car windscreen crack repair is not advisable. Moreover, car chip repair is not possible if the damage is in line of sight of the driver

Our Specialties

Genuine Products

Genuine Products

Quality auto glass repair services depend on genuine products. Our team works with the best car windshield crack repair products across the industry. The tools at their disposal ensure a satisfactory car windscreen repair session.

Trained Experts

Trained Experts

Our team is trained to handle auto glass crack repair to provide quality service. To improve on car repair and replacement standards, we implement the best techniques and ground-cracking practices. The trainees are privy to:

  • Cutting-edge equipment and tools
  • Classroom training and hands on fitting experience
  • Training manuals and videos
  • Quality and safety training

Doorstep Facility

Doorstep Facility

A busy schedule requires a service that can cater to you according to your need. If your car’s glass is broken and cannot be repaired, we offer replacement services at your doorstep, no matter where you are. The technicians use the best tools to ensure proper replacement at your home, office or on the road.

Tips for improving Battery Life

List of DOs

  • Get the windshield damage checked immediately
  • Drive carefully and avoid under-construction roads/areas
  • Park your car indoors or under a solid shade
  • Hire professionals for windshield chip repair

List of Don'ts

  • Don’t drive with a damaged windshield
  • Don’t slam the doors of the car to avoid damage due to vibrations
  • Don’t park your car under a tree to avoid falling objects from damaging the windshield
  • Don’t leave the car outside during storms

Insurance Claims

At AIS Windshield Experts, we have tie-ups with most major Insurance companies for the convenience of our customers. You can expect hassle free claims for auto glass repair and replacement.

We urge you to deliberate car glass broken repairs smartly. Compare the prices of the service as opposed to the comprehensive deductible. If the deductible is higher than the cost of auto glass crack repair in total, the better decision would be to pay for the service yourself. Some insurance companies even waive off the deductible for glass chip repair services. However, this is your decision, please ensure consulting with your insurance agent beforehand to get the best deal.


  • 1. What exactly is auto glass repair?

    Car windshield crack repair or windshield chip repair is the process of restoring the damage on the windscreen with the help of human skill and modern technology. When you search car glass repair near me online and choose to get the broken car glass repaired, you can save money and time. Auto glass chip repair or auto glass crack repair eliminates the need to get the windshield repaired.

    The car windscreen crack repair process restores the strength of the windshield and the visibility to its original state. The resin used for car chip repair is a product of advanced technology that can be used to restore up to 2 chips.

  • 2. How long does auto glass chip repair take?

    The duration of windshield chip repair depends on the number of chips and their location. In any case, the whole car chip repair process shouldn’t take more than 45 minutes to an hour. However, before you take your car for glass chip repair at a service center, the car glass must be completely dry.

  • 3. Does the windshield appear good after auto glass chip repair?

    The areas of windshield where automotive glass repairs are performed look as good as new. However, if you look closely, you might be able to notice minor distortions in the broken car glass. Depending on the age of the glass and the span of the chip, the efficacy of the auto glass repair job can be determined. These are the sole reasons why auto glass chip repair cannot be performed if the damage is in the line of sight of the driver.

  • 4. How can I find services for car glass repair near me?

    Apart from googling for reputed car windshield crack repair companies in your area, you can go for the word of mouth. Good service companies often have a good reputation in the market and come highly recommended for windshield chip repair and windscreen crack repair.

    Call us on 1800-102-6364 to schedule an appointment for auto glass crack repair at our conveniently located service centers or a doorstep replacement.

  • 5. Will I have to wait long for a car windscreen break repair appointment with AIS Windshield Experts?

    Not at all. We employ enough technicians to take care of broken car glass at our service centers. Even during the busiest days, we can accommodate you for a car windscreen crack repair session the same day or the next one at most. Post that, you must wait until the resin dries before you can drive your car again.

  • 6. Must I wait till the technicians perform glass chip repair on my windshield?

    No, you don’t need to wait while the windscreen of your car undergoes car chip repair at our center. However, we advise you to wait and monitor the whole windshield chip repair process for your own satisfaction. Moreover, our technicians might require the car key every now and then. If you are alright with leaving your car keys, we can assure the safety of your car while you tend to important matters.

  • 7. What is the car windscreen crack repair process?

    Windshield chip repair is complex process that requires plenty of work. The damaged area is thoroughly cleaned and then filled with a special resin. The next step in the auto glass repair process is to cure the resin with ultraviolet (UV) light. This glass chip repair process restores the structural integrity as well as the visibility of the windscreen.

  • 8. How do I know which service center provides car glass repair near me?

    We have more than 80+ service centers in more than 50+ cities across India. They are strategically located to offer prompt car windshield crack repair or replacement services. You can find the nearest car windscreen repair center here. Or you can simply call our toll-free helpline to get all the information you need if you want us to repair windscreen crack in your car.

  • 9. What kind of damage qualifies for car glass broken repairs?

    Moreover, it is not a good idea to perform windshield chip repair on more than 2 damaged areas since that means that the structural integrity of the glass has been compromised and it cannot be restored.

  • 10. Why should I look for service centers for car glass repair near me if the glass has been damaged?

    First, a damaged windshield comprises the safety of the passengers on the road, which is why you must avail car windshield crack repair services as soon as possible. Secondly, glass chip repair is much more convenient as compared to windshield replacement. If you avail auto glass chip repair services, you will save most of the time and money you would otherwise have to spend on a replacement job. Auto glass crack repair is the perfect alternative to windshield replacement in case it is possible.

  • 11. Can I claim Insurance if the car glass is broken?

    Yes, most insurance companies include windshield related clauses in their policies, especially in a comprehensive auto insurance. While windshield replacement is included by most major insurance companies, auto glass crack repair or car chip repair is subject to the policy of the insurance company. However, more and more Insurance companies are including car windscreen repair services in their policies nowadays. In some cases, they even wave off the deductible if you claim glass chip repair services.

  • 12. What should I do if car glass is broken and car windscreen repair is not possible?

    You have no option but to get a replacement. However, you must consult car windscreen repair specialists before getting a new windshield. In case glass chip repair is not possible due to extensive damage, replacement is necessary because otherwise it puts the lives of the passengers at risk. The windshield is not only a barrier between the cabin and the outdoors, it provides structural support to the roof of the car as well. Therefore, get a replacement as soon as possible, if required.

  • 13. Why should I hire experts if car glass is broken?

    Only experts are skilled enough to install the replacement glass properly. When you search car glass repair near me online, ensure that the service center and their technicians have good reviews. Certified technicians make sure that the glass is properly restored, and you will not face any problems with the repair work in the future.

  • 14. Where can I get car glass repair near me?

    All you must do is call on 1800-102-6364 and our customer care representatives will do the rest. They will assist you in finding the nearest AIS Windshield Experts service center for car windscreen repair or replacement.