Car Windshield Crack Repair

Automotive Glass Repair

When your windshield is damaged, car glass repair becomes essential for not just aesthetic purposes but also because your personal safety could be hanging in the balance. Most automobile owners do not know that the windshield contributes towards the overall structural integrity of the car. The slightest damage to it could compromise vehicle safety.

When your windshield chips, it becomes weaker. Any number of things, ranging from flying debris to extreme temperature change or bad weather conditions, can cause it to shatter, putting both the driver and the passenger in harm’s way.

To prevent that from happening, it’s important to drive into the nearest Windshield Experts outlet and have someone take a look at the damage sustained by the car glass. If it is impossible for you to make it there, you could get in touch with our centralized helpline and find out about our doorstep delivery that bring auto glass repair and replacement facility to your doorstep.

Windshield Experts is India’s first and only company that offers a comprehensive array of services related to broken car glass. From minor windscreen repair such as windshield chip repair, windshield crack repair or windshield scratch repair to windshield glass replacement in India, our trained technicians are capable of handling all problems and providing prompt solutions whenever you need it.

Windshield Experts sources car glass from its parent company AIS. A 72% market share in the car glass segment may lead one to believe that AIS is the leading auto glass manufacturer in India. While it is, AIS is also the country’s largest integrated auto glass company with expert offerings spanning the entire spectrum of applications. The AIS glass for automotive retains its position as the unanimous choice of leading car manufacturers.

To know more, don’t hesitate to call our centralized helpline where our helpful customer service representatives are standing by to assist you.