Car Windshield Crack Repair

Windscreen Repair

One of the most common causes of windshield damage is a hard object striking the car while it is in momentum. Usually, this happens when a pebble or stone is picked up by the tires of a vehicle in front and flicked back with great velocity. If you’ve ever driven behind a truck on the highway, you would know what we are talking about.

In this circumstance the damage caused could be either small or big. In some cases, the cracks are so small they are barely visible. At other times, the cracks are big enough to impair vision while driving. Which brings you to the question – how do I know whether I need windscreen repair or replacement?

As a general rule, if the damage is minimal, no more than a chip on the windshield, you are not required to get it replaced. However, when the crack is visibly deeper, going beyond the surface and impacting the PVB interlayer of the glass, windscreen repair alone might not be enough.

At Windshield Experts, we do not deal in guesswork and neither do we recommend that our customers do. It takes a trained eye to see whether your windshield is in need of repair or replacement. What seems like a harmless chip could be a potential troublemaker, hampering the integrity of the windscreen. Repair would do little good here. Alternatively, a crack doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend good money replacing the windshield. It could be on the surface and easily taken care of with a little bit of repair work.

Like we said before, we are not fond of guesswork. Windscreen repair and replacement is serious business for us. The safety of the occupants of the car as well as the vehicle’s own structural integrity depends on us doing a good job when it comes to windscreen repairs.

Do not take cracks on the windshield lightly. Come over to Windshield Experts and have it checked out. In the long run, you will be glad that you did. Our services range from windshield glass repair, windshield crack repair, windshield scratch repair, car glass window repair to replacement.