Car Windshield Crack Repair

Windshield Scratch Repair

People sometimes mistake cracks for scratches and pay heavily for their misjudgment; in most cases literally. These days, if you are driving a car around the city, chances are you will need windshield repair and replacement services sooner rather than later. It’s virtually impossible to keep your windscreen in pristine condition and free from damage for any length of time. From stones flicked back by buses and trucks to roadside debris to vandalism - any number of things can cause scratches on your car.

Cracks and scratches are extremely annoying. But that’s not all. They can also be extremely dangerous (especially cracks which go all the way through the windshield), if not looked at in time. Scratches, on the other hand, might look deceptively simple. However, when left unattended, they become worse over time.

When in doubt, you should definitely consult one of our professionals who will be able to tell you whether you’ve got a scratch or a crack on the windscreen. You may think you can take care of both with a little bit of polishing, but attempting windshield scratch repair or crack repair by yourself could cause serious damage. Cracks call for a more expert handling and specialty polishing kits. It’s best left to people who are trained to handle this task day in and day out. As far as scratches on your windshield are concerned, unfortunately, no repair is possible. Replacing the windscreen is the only option.

If you’d like to know more about the services offered by Windshield Experts, get in touch with us at our centralized helpline numbers. In addition to repair of windshields, we also offer auto glass replacement facility, both at our outlet as well as at your doorstep. No matter what your requirement might be, we are confident of being able to meet it competently.