Solar Control Glass

AIS Solar Control Glass

Summers in India can vary from being pleasantly sunny to unbearably hot. If your job requires you to drive around the city during summers, you don’t need us to tell you that the glare and heat can make things extremely uncomfortable for you.

Do the smart thing and switch to AIS solar control glass – an AIS solar control glass that reduces the overall temperature of your car’s interior, giving you a refreshingly cooler environment inside, regardless of where or how long you drive. By cutting down almost 95% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, our sun control glass also improves the life of the car’s upholstery and prevents them from fading over time.

Yet another benefit of opting for AIS solar control glass is that it improves the car’s fuel efficiency. The glazing on the sun control glass works so well you end up using 10-15% less AC, which eventually translates into better mileage for you.

Why face the heat and glare of the summers when you have a more comfortable option in Windshield Experts’ Solar Control Glass? Beat the scorching heat this year with AIS solar control glass. You can thank us for that later!

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