Car Cleaning Services

Now drive a cleaner car every week. As a part of our bouquet of services to our customers, we are proud to announce the “Car Cleaning Services”.

Our Car Cleaning Services are very economical & will take only a few minutes. For more details call our Centralized Toll free number - 1800-102-6364 or leave a request online.

Services and packages for car cleaning services

Packages Basic Interior Silver Gold
Package-1 Package-2 Combo Package-1 Package-2 Combo
Services offered Car Interior Vacuum Cleaning (Including seats and boot) Y Y   Y Y Y Y
Car Foot Mats Cleaning Y Y   Y Y Y Y
Car Dashboard Conditioning   Y   Y Y   Y
Car Dashboard Basic Cleaning Y Y   Y Y   Y
Car Seat Dry-cleaning Y Y   Y Y   Y
Upholstery Cleaning   Y   Y Y   Y
Indoor Glass & Side Panels Cleaning   Y   Y Y   Y
Vinyl & Rubber Parts Conditioning   Y   Y Y   Y
Leather & Fabric Seat Care Y Y   Y Y   Y
Spray / Perfuming         Y   Y
Car Body Dry Wash     Y Y Y Y Y
Rubbing & Scratch Removal     Y     Y Y
3M Premium Wax Coating     Y Y   Y Y
Tyres & Bumper Dressing     Y Y Y Y Y
Wheel/Alloy Cleaning     Y Y Y Y Y
Windshield Cleaning     Y Y Y Y Y
Number Plate Cleaning     Y Y Y Y Y


Driving can be dangerous during night time if the headlights are clouded, scratched, oxidized or yellowed. This puts you, your fellow passengers and other car drivers at risk. Headlights suffer from a great deal of wear and tear as they are always exposed to varying weather conditions.

Instead of replacing headlights, you can restore them for a fraction of the replacement cost. Windshield Experts does just that at an economical price. We restore hazy and dull headlight lenses using high quality products that are made using the best technology.

Restore your car’s headlights from cloudy to clear in no time. To know more, visit your nearest service center or call us at 1800-102-6364 or +91-9818866364.

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