10 Causes for Crack in Windshield

January 4, 2021
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Not many cracks come with justifications; sometimes it becomes a habitual experience of owning a vehicle. It can get bigger and bigger, ending up with a huge web structured crack making it impossible to drive and dangerous too. Sometimes, cracks or chips in your windshield come from apparent reasons- an object knowingly falling on your glass while driving or parked. Windshields are simple products of laminated glasses. A thin-sheet of poly-vinyl butyral (PVB) is placed between two sheets of glass, all of which are stuck together under heat and pressure. The result is a durable see-through windshield glass. It doesn’t shatter but forms a web-like design when cracked.

Sometimes, your windshield may develop a crack. Windshield repairs in an effort to put off replacements become a hassle. Avoiding conditions which cause your windshield to crack is the most convenient and safest option. What causes this to happen? Let’s take a look at the top perpetrators.

  1. Existing defects

Some defects, either in the manufacturing process or installation, can make the glass sensitive to damage. Such faults can become a safety hazard staring you in the face. If a crack develops, opt for a quality glass replacement service.

  1. Gritty roads

Driving on gravel paths cause your wheels to grind on pebbles. Frictional forces between the two surfaces cause the stone to bounce off and possibly hit your windshield. What starts as a chip eventually turns into a crack. Maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you if you have to travel on such roads.

  1. Burning sunrays

When direct sunlight strikes your windshield, the molecular bonds in your glass loosen and the surface expands. Gradually, this can result in cracking while allowing heat to pass through, signing you up for an unexpected sauna. Cracks particularly begin in the outer edges of the windshield because the centre is the thickest part. Cover your vehicle with a car shield or park in a garage in extreme temperatures.

  1. Hailstorms

In places that experience extreme weather, the winter season can sometimes bring hailstorms. The stones that fall during such storms are much like someone deliberately throwing stones at your windshield. As a result, it has a higher chance of breaking.  Halt your vehicle in a safe place and wait for the storm to settle.

  1. Accidents

When you park on the road-side, day-to-day activities become menacing affairs. A shuttle, ball, or can may come hurling towards your car. Not only does it risk damage to your windshield, but also to your vehicle.

  1. Following heavy-duty vehicles

Garbage trucks, tractors, construction vehicles, and the lot carry materials that could crack your windshield if they happen to fall on it. Also, there is a higher risk of the truck to unload suddenly- owing to the road conditions, faulty latching securement, or overloads. Steer clear of such vehicles on the road by switching lanes or by maintaining a reasonable distance.

  1. Crack under pressure

Just like the human body, changing altitudes and air pressure will disturb the balance of your windshield. If you frequent speed up on the road, your windshield could develop cracks. Drive at the right pace and observe extra care in hill-stations.

  1. Alternating temperatures

While an extremely cold or hot environment affects your glass health, fluctuating temperatures from within will do the same. The sudden expansions and contractions caused by these extremities will wear out the windshield.Manage the heater and defroster settings in your vehicle with care.

  1. Stumbling wreckage

The next time you park under a shade, ask yourself – is it safe? To answer that, most of them become perils for your windshield. Trees that shield from sunlight might throw the stray branch or fruit on your car glass. Parking in open spaces reduce the likelihood of such events.

  1. Aged windshield

Glasses too have a lifespan and die after serving their purpose. If they have withstood years of hardships, they will be frail and prone to the slightest hit. With time, such windshields tend to become thinner and brittle. Thus, if you are driving around with a very old vehicle, consider replacing the windshield.

Has your windshield recently developed a crack? Life hacks on the internet will convince the expert in you, but you may end up doing more damage to your vehicle parts owing to the lack of professional tools and experience. To repair cracked windshield is not a feasible option as it compromises the vehicle’s structural integrity. Besides, there is no guarantee for the protection and safety it provides.

If the chip or crack looks small, it catapults the glass to break. The option of repair cracked windshield is imprudent when safety is in question. Call in professionals from AIS Windshield Experts – India’s leading automotive glass repair and replacement network.

Every crack requires a windshield replacement, and at AIS Windshield Experts, you enjoy affordable, convenient, and eco-friendly services. With expert services at your doorstep facility, you can trust us with your vehicle. To know more about our replacement services, contact us today!

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