Clear Signs for Your Hyundai Eon Windshield Replacement


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Signs for Hyundai Eon Windshield Replacement

Car windshields play an important role in passenger as well as driver’s safety yet people often overlook it when it comes to windshield maintenance, repair and replacement. While the economical Hyundai Eon seems to offer great mileage, performance and interiors, it is equally important to ensure that its windshield is in proper condition at all times to prevent excessive damage or accidents as it’s an important part of the car’s structural integrity.

There are various experts across the city that offer Hyundai Eon windshield replacement at reasonable prices. However, you first need to learn about the tell-tale signs so you can get the windshield replacement before further damage is done. Here’s a list of some of the hints that can help you replace your car’s glass in time and ensure everyone’s safety in the long run.

Signs to Replace Hyundai Eon Windshield

  1. Cracks in the windshield
  2. The most obvious sign that you can notice is a crack on the windshield. You might believe that these cracks can be ignored but they might impair your view which can put you and others at great risk, especially while driving on highways. These cracks might seem harmless and can be caused due to debris while driving at high speed but if left untreated, they can reduce the windscreen car glass integrity and can result in further cracks if you drive on poorly maintained roads or in the countryside. Make sure to book an appointment for your Hyundai Eon windshield replacement as a stitch in time saves nine!

  3. Hazy edges
  4. This can prove to be a crucial sign that most people overlook. The windshield has PVB lamination that binds the layers so the surfaces don’t shatter and separate on impact. This layer ensures that the windshield can firmly support airbags in case of an accident and prevent excessive damage. However, with time it may lose its adhesive properties and it results in a white haze at the edges and windscreen ends. If you observe this haze on your windshield then it’s time to book an appointment with a good car glass company that provides Hyundai Eon windshield replacement service as this can prove to be hazardous if ignored,

  5. Pits and chips on the windshield
  6. Those small pits and chips might seem harmless but may prove hazardous as the former decreases the thickness of the windshield while the latter compromises glass integrity. You might feel that pits don’t pose much risk. Still, contrary to the belief, they can become a major reason behind accidents as they lower the visibility, hamper view, reduce thickness (making the car glass weaker at certain spots) and might also cause uneven light distribution and mirage effect! It can also damage the windshield wiper so you should make sure to get the windshield replaced if there are chips or pits on it.

  7. Scratches on the windshield
  8. If you often find yourself lagging when it comes to car wiper maintenance and replacement then you should watch out for this tell-tale sign. Old car wipers often leave behind scratches while moving over the windshield and the wiper blade might even come out of the rubber which can result in some serious damage to the windscreen surface. It’s not wise to ignore minor scratches for long as they become deeper and wear down the windscreen. These scratches cause high-intensity glares and uneven distribution of light which can cause accidents. Make sure to replace your windscreen if it has a lot of scratches to prevent mishaps.

  9. Water seepage
  10. Water seepage is also an easy to spot indicator but a rather serious one as you need to replace the windshield of your Hyundai Eon. it indicates that the glass isn’t installed properly due to which entry of air and water is allowed which can result in mishaps. Make sure to book an appointment with a trusted car glass company for Hyundai Eon windshield replacement to avoid such scenarios.

While some of the signs mentioned above seem quite common and harmless, they can result in major mishaps. To avoid accidents, it’s best to book an appointment with a trusted car glass company like us (AIS Windshield Experts) as soon as you notice scratches, pits, seepage, or any other unusual sign. Our team of experts can analyse the situation and replace or repair the glass well in time and avoid major mishaps and losses.

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