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Automotive Windshield Glass Replacement Guide

If your well wishers have advised you to opt for automotive glass replacement but you’re unsure what it’s all about then this article is for you. We have explained when your car might need automotive glass replacement, what steps are involved in the process and what points you need to keep in mind after the replacement of the car front glass.

Why might you need automotive glass replacement?

  1. Decreased visibility
  2. Multiple cracks and deformities on the windshield also hamper the visibility as it can reflect light incorrectly or the road ahead might seem blurred. These can lead to accidents as they make it difficult for the driver to assess the traffic ahead and make quick decisions. The hazy glass might obscure vehicles reduce visibility and result in collisions. It is advised that the windshield should be replaced or repaired at the earliest as it’s an integral and crucial part of the car that can enhance or worsen the driving experience.

  3. Compromised Safety
  4. A weak or damaged windshield puts the driver and everyone around at risk. It can not only lower the visibility but also break down unexpectedly as cracks and chips reduce its structural integrity. Windshields are designed to handle sufficient pressure and also support the airbags in case of a collision. All these factors compromise the user's safety and hence need immediate replacement and repair.

  5. Decrease in the market value
  6. If you plan on reselling your car and don’t want to spend extra money on automotive glass replacement, then you need to reconsider your decision. Any damaged or defective part of the car reduces its market value and a cracked windshield is no different. The car’s front glass is one of the first things that the buyer will notice and you need to keep it in intact shape to crack the best deal and avoid losses.

Steps involved in automotive glass replacement

Now that you realise the importance of keeping your windshield intact and in good condition atall times, it’s time to know more about the steps involved in an automotive glass replacement process:

  1. Removing the trim
  2. The trim is used to keep the windshield in place and is placed along the edges. We first need to remove the trim using a razor or similar tool. Once the trim is removed, we can proceed to the next step.

  3. Removing the windshield
  4. Now that the trim is removed, the windshield can be easily taken out using a large suction cup. You can easily pop it out with the suction cups as it ensures that the windshield does not break or shatter during uninstallation.

  5. Cleaning and preparing the pinch weld
  6. After removing the windshield the expert will clean the pinch weld and prepare it for the next steps. A pinch weld is a gap between the windshield and the car. It has a firm hold over the edges of the windshield and keeps it in place. It is important to clean the pinch weld and get rid of the dirt and grime so it can fully hold the new windshield.

  7. Apply Urethane
  8. After cleaning, urethane is applied to the edges of the pinch weld. It acts as an adhesive and strengthens the bond so that the windshield does not pop out easily. The experts make sure to apply an even layer of urethane and timely move to the next step to avoid mistakes.

  9. Installing the new windshield
  10. The new windshield is quickly installed before the urethane dries or sets so that it fits perfectly (and firmly) in the pinch weld. After positioning it correctly, its pushed into place using suction cups and bars and held for several minutes until the urethane begins to set. The suctions cups are removed once the urethane dries and the car can be returned to the customer after an hour.

Points to keep in mind while selecting an automotive glass replacement company

If you are ready to take your car for an automotive glass replacement, it’s time to look at the points you need to keep in mind while choosing a car glass replacement company. Picking the right person for the job can make all the difference, so look out for the following qualities.

  1. Can it be fixed or repaired?
  2. Make sure to consult an expert and analyse the extent of the damage done to the windshield. At times, it is possible to fix the issue with minor repairs. Some automotive glass replacement and repair companies can trick you into believing the replacement is the only solution just for the sake of profits. You can ask the technician for a brief explanation or go for a second consultation to make sure you aren’t paying for unnecessary replacements.

  3. Quality of the products
  4. We have put a lot of emphasis on the importance of the windshield and how it ensures the safety of the driver and the passengers. That being said, it’s essential to use only premium quality products for the process. Make sure that the company uses the right products like polyurethane and premium quality windshield. Some companies try to make the process economical by using silicone as adhesive or poor quality tools and windshields. Always ensure that the technician uses appropriate repair equipment to fix or replace the car front glass.

  5. Insurance tie-ups
  6. You might even be able to save bucks by checking which companies offer excellent services and have tie-ups with your car insurance provider. This can help you claim funds without any hassles.

  7. Safety
  8. Automotive glass replacement is a crucial and complicated process. It should be performed by trained technicians who can handle the equipment and follow all the safety regulations. Make sure that the company provides the safety gear as per the recommended protocols so your car does not get damaged during the process.

  9. Customer services
  10. Make sure to check out the customer services provided by the company as the fraud ones might ghost you once you send them your hard-earned money. All reputes automotive glass replacement companies provide doorstep services (for repair) and several other facilities to make the entire experience smooth and hassle free.

Maintenance Tips

Once the new windshield is installed, you can bring home the car but you need to be cautious for the next few days. You need to keep the following points in mind to make sure the seal sets completely as it might need a few days to dry. The following tips also help in increasing the life of your windshield.

  1. Keep the car isolated
  2. Make sure no pressure is exerted from the outside or from inside the car. Don’t put covers on the windshield and remove everything from the dashboard as well.

  3. Roll down the window slightly
  4. Allow some air to enter the car and keep the windows slightly open on the first day to avoid excessive pressure. It can result in leaks and popping out of the windshield.

  5. Avoid car washes
  6. Car washes can prove to be harmful as the windshield might not be able to withstand the pressure if the seal hasn’t dried completely. It is advised to steer clear of power washers for the first two days. You can wash the car gently on your own to avoid mishaps.

  7. Don’t remove the retention tape
  8. The retention tape is placed on the moulding to keep the seal in place and prevent contact with the external environment until it dries. You should not remove the tape for at least the first two days as it may result in seal leakage or popping out of the windshield,

Now that you have all the relevant information regarding the automotive glass replacement process, you can make an informed choice without compromising the safety of the car or yourself! Get in touch with us to know more!

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