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Replace your car glass

Are you getting a car glass replacement done for the first time? Naturally, you may have some questions about the process and its safety. Much like the crack on your windshield blocking your view, a cloud of confusion can fog your mind.

Here is how experts install a new windshield and how you can care for it.


Firstly, it is important understand the purpose of your vehicle’s windshield. It is a vital element of your car’s safety. Not only does it protect you from wayward elements and winds, but also saves you from the vehicle’s roof crushing in and allows airbags to deploy in the case of an accident. Your car glass is not an ordinary glass. It is a laminated glass made of three layers - two glass sheets and one thin poly-vinyl butyral (PVB) layer that holds them together.

Next, know your glass. When you head out for a car glass replacement, ensure that the replacement adheres to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) standards. OEM windshields are the original windshields manufactured by the vehicle company. They are the perfect fit for your car as they’ll match the thickness and shape of the original product.

Check if your insurance covers the windshield replacement. Not all policies bear the full price or include negligible expenses such as a side-view mirror crack. It is also advisable to not always opt for insurance money as you will lose your No Claim Bonus (NCB) that can be used to cover more significant expenses.

Do your research on glass manufacturers, workman-ship guarantee, and windshield warranty before selecting a car glass replacement service. Ask your replacement company about the expertise of its technicians, quality of the car glass, etc.

Pro tip –  Look for experts that offer a doorstep facility. You might need a replacement urgently in cases of severe breakage that can happen anywhere.

The Installation Process

Once you go ahead with car glass replacement with an expert company, you need to wait for the technicians to finish the fitting procedure. The initial process will include protecting the car interiors using a blanket, removing the windshield wipers, setting the wipers aside, dismantling the old windshield carefully, and proper disposal.

The second stage of procedure involves applying urethane primer on the new windshield and window socket, drying it, and using a primer gun to apply urethane once again.

Finally, the new windshield is placed in the window frame and gently pushed into place. Experts apply retention tape around the sealants to dry them out properly.

Post Installation

Knowing how to care for your new windshield is an important step. Keeping it in good condition ensures that it lasts for as long as possible.

Wait to drive the vehicle after the installation. Giving adequate time for the adhesive and waterproof seal to set and dry is good; a couple of hours is ideal. When you first get into the car, look for bits or pieces left over from the process. Vacuum cleaning will remove such debris from car interiors during the car glass replacement process. Always leave a window open for the first day so that pressure doesn’t build up and move the windshield from its place. Stresses can often form in a closed vehicle, displacing the windshield from its position.

The area both in and out of the windshield needs to be clear of items pressing against it. Weights around the windshield will dislodge it from its frame. Keep the retention tape in place for 2 days as it holds the windshield mouldings in place. It also protects the adhesive from foreign elements sticking to it. Steer away from power washes as the high pressures might damage the new mouldings. If you have to wash your car within the first 2 days following a car glass replacement, go for a regular hand wash.

Despite following all precautions, your new windshield might be out of place. Visible gaps between the glass and frame, a rattling or whooshing sound while driving or visual inconsistencies are signs of a misplaced car glass replacement. If you notice these signs, you must rush to the replacement company and get it fixed.

Expert Car Glass Replacement at AIS Windshield Experts

Are you looking for expert car glass replacement services? Consult AIS Windshield Experts for all your windshield woes. We include a session post-installation to educate vehicle owners on safety precautions and essential exercises for the newly installed glass. Our trained technicians observe international-standard safety protocols and handle adhesives and glass replacement products professionally. At AIS Windshield Experts, all our products and services carry a one-year warranty and are available at your door-step. Contact us today to know more about our car glass replacement services.

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  1. The segment of your article that talked about aftercare once you’re done with a windshield replacement really caught my interest. Considering how large the replacement we’ll need is, I better do what I can to make sure the installation goes well so nothing bad happens down the line. I’ll keep these tips in mind when I find an auto glass replacement expert I can talk to.

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