Is a Cracked Windshield Dangerous?


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Is a cracked windshield dangerous

The windshield is the armoured knight of your car - it shields you from crushing roofs and winds from outside. A windshield in car has two layers of glass laminated with a thin sheet of poly-vinyl in between. The laminate and inner layers of glass hold the windshield together if the outermost layer breaks, even if extreme impact causes them to chip, crack, or shatter.

However, that does not make it resistant to hits. In reality, the windshield in car is subject to periodic damages. Natural weather and pressure conditions, stray activities, and unfortunate accidents, among others, continue harming your car glass. The best practice is to get it replaced at the earliest for maximum safety while driving.

Not only is it a hideous scar for it to ignore as a surface issue, but also a safety hazard that goes by the saying of "looks can be deceiving". A cracked windshield in car has the full potential to compromise safety. Over time, sediments of dirt and washer fluid seep in the cracks, discolouring it and additionally disturbing visibility. The dangers of a cracked windshield are too many. Listed are some of the ways for a cracked glass spells peril.

Restrained Vision

A cracked windshield in car hovering over your vision line equals driving with a book directly in front of you. Dream drives on sunny Sundays are ruined with reflected sunlight hitting your eyes in a blinding glare. Also, driving with a cracked windshield can be cause for great distraction; you run a higher chance of risking your own and others’ lives if you can’t see the road properly.

 Lost Structural Support

The windshield in car holds the facial frame of the vehicle; it supports at least 40% of the car roof. When the car topples over, the windshield prevents the top part from crushing into the frame of the vehicle and also prevents blunt forces hit through in case of front-end collisions, saving its occupants. A cracked car glass will weaken the critical purpose it serves, leaving your life in danger should a mishap occur.

 Risk of Breaking

The windshield in car consists of triple-layered glass specially designed to avoid breakages for passenger safety. Rather, they form web-like patterns when struck. If your vehicle’s windshield has this spider-web crack, it is more likely to break even at moderate impacts. The resulting glass shards will cause severe injuries in case of massive collisions and damages. As such, a cracked windshield does not offer proper protection. In the worst-case scenario, where you defy basic safety rules such as fastening your seat belt, you fly out of the car and end up sustaining injuries.

Airbags Can Fail

The windshield in car also decides the extent of the effectiveness of airbags in the event of a major accident. It pushes the inflated bag towards the passengers in a vehicle. However, if the windshield is already cracked, the force of the inflating airbag is enough to break through the windshield. Moreover, the airbag breaks the car glass and inflates away from occupants, leading to higher risks of chest and rib-cage injuries.

 Natural Devastations

When the windshield in car is cracked, unexpected calamities will break the glass. Heavy rains and hailstones continue to cause more damage on the cracked areas and inevitably, break it. Also, in case of severe cracks, water may trickle through and spoil your car interiors. It will cause distractions as you can neither use the wiper to clear the water on the glass and electrical shocks if water enters the glove box area. Moreover, it is not advisable to drive in such extremely uncertain climatic conditions as the cracks already blind in your vision.

 Pay Attention to Your Windshield

Neglecting that crack in your windshield can cost you dearly. Myths and misconceptions about the crack not being a serious issue and safe for driving continue to float around, despite staggering facts. While the internet is replete with ‘quick fixes’ and ‘DIY hacks’, don’t rely on them to repair your car’s windshield. Choose experts to replace the windshield entirely if you really want to have a safe driving experience.

AIS Windshield Experts handles the replacement process with care and accuracy, assuring you of utmost safety when you step out on the road. We employ specialized tools, adhesives, and OEM approved glasses for the perfect fit. Safety protocols are followed to a T for placing a new windshield. We address all your queries promptly replaced to the replacement of the windshield in car. 

If you are looking for expert attention for your cracked windshield, come to AIS Windshield Experts - India’s largest windshield replacement network, a unit of Asahi India Glass Limited. Our trained technicians will look into your car specifications and place an OEM-graded windshield in car. Our services don’t stop here; we offer remedial placing and safety protocols to be followed for the next few days post a new replacement at no extra cost. Plus, all our products and services carry a one-year guarantee. Contact us today for a replacement services at your doorstep.

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