Five maintenance tips for your newly Replaced Ford Ecosport Windshield


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Maintenance Tips for Newly Replaced Ford Ecosport Windshield

Your car's windshield is not merely a rhetorical addition; but an integral part of your car. It delivers structural support to your car and safeguards the people inside from wind and flying litter. It is a major safety component of your car as it hinders drastic impacts on you and fellow passengers in case your car meets with a mishap by providing support to the airbags and preventing heavy impact from external objects. Thus, it is essential that you keep a close eye on it and go for a Ford Ecosport windshield replacement if the need arises.

If you want to elongate the life of your windshield after replacement, then here are some easy tips and tricks that you need to follow for a few days after the replacement to keep the windshield in a good condition for a longer period!

Maintenance Tips for Newly Replaced Ford Ecosport Windshield

  1. Keep the surrounding area clear both inside and outside of the car
  2. Make sure that nothing is exerting pressure against the windshield or touching the wet urethane while the seal is drying. It is also recommended to keep the dashboard clean and free of any objects. Moreover, on the first day after the Ford Ecosport window glass replacement, no cover should be kept on the exterior of your car. The fixing duration of the adhesive also depends on many factors like humidity, temperature and quality. It is advisable not to drive the car for 48 hours (after the windshield replacement) unless necessary (the newly replaced windshield is most vulnerable for the first few hours). Even if you are driving during the windshield's drying process make sure you are avoiding roads with a lot of potholes and bumps to minimise impact and jerks. Moreover, you should also wait to use your sunshade for the first two days after installation.

  3. Don't peel off the retention tape
  4. After replacing your new Ford Ecosport Windshield the retention tapes may not look pleasing to your eyes. But it is very important to not remove the tape for the first two days. The tape holds the windshield mouldings together and also makes sure that the seal remains in place. It protects the seal from outside elements till the adhesive dries, thus ensuring proper and strong bonding. Since the Ford Ecosport window glass replacement process requires adhesive which needs a longer duration to dry, the tape prevents any external disturbance. Additionally, opening and closing of doors might build up pressure leading to popping out of the adhesive and the windshield won’t be installed firmly and pose a threat to the safety of the driver and others.

  5. Avoid car washing
  6. Getting your car washed with high-pressure water soon after the replacement of your new Ford Ecosport Windshield can easily displace the new mouldings. You should avoid high pressure or automatic car washes for a minimum of two days. As it is the bare minimum time required by the moulding to set properly else they may shift or get destroyed. Moreover, the liquid or detergent used while cleaning can be abrasive to certain adhesives. Moreover, if you are reluctant to do so before 48 hours, washing your car by hand is advisable. Since you don't need to keep your car away from water but prevent it from pressure.

  7. Leave the windows open
  8. If you have recently replaced your Ford Ecosport Windshield make sure you leave your window gaped before parking your car. If you live in an area with high temperatures, the heat might build up the pressure inside the car, causing the adhesive to pop out. Opening the windows slightly open prevents excessive pressure on the seal due to air coercion. So make sure you leave your window open at least an inch during the first day of your Ford Ecosport Windshield replacement and try to park your car in shade. This will ensure better drying of the adhesive which will be beneficial in the long run.

  9. Go easy
  10. If you want the new moulding of your newly replaced Ford Ecosport Windshield to set properly without getting damaged then go easy with it. For example, instead of slamming gently, close your car doors.If you slam the door, there is a high probability that you may puncture the seal. Do not start driving immediately after the replacement and try to avoid opening the door of your car unnecessarily. These activities may exert pressure on the adhesive and cause it to pop out or displace the mouldings causing the windscreen to fall out.

Now that you are aware of all the actions and mistakes that can hamper the windscreen replacement process, make sure to keep these points in mind and follow them without fail to take care of a newly replaced Ford Ecosport glass windshield. Some of these tips like lightly closing the car doors should be followed on a regular basis as they help in keeping the windscreen in a good state for years. Head over to AIS Windshield Experts for more.

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