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Car Windshield Care Tips

Let's face it! Your car's windshield and windows are single-handedly responsible for several safety attributes. So much so that even a significant nick on your automotive windshield can compromise a vehicle's entire structure. Therefore, when it comes to car glass, there is simply no room for shortcuts. You must get only the top experts to repair or replace it.

Do I Need an Instant Repair or Replacement If I Damage My Car Glass?

Generally, yes! Sure, you can wait for a couple of days if all your car glass or windshield suffers from is an extremely minor chip that sits away from the driver's line-of-sight. But even a single long fissure anywhere within the windshield demands instant care. Remember, a weakened windshield can break at the very next mishap and without much instigation.

You must also bear in mind that your automotive windshield is a part of the security system for your car. Meaning, it is responsible for the uniform deployment of airbags. Also, note that only an undamaged windshield can keep your vehicle's roof from caving-in in the event of a barrel roll crash. Now, all of this warrants that if such a critical component has dealt with damage, you choose the right replacement car glass. How? Read on to find out.

What to Look for in Quality Car Glass?

Follow this basic rule of thumb - start by asking the type of glass used and then onwards to who will install it. Use these tips listed below to ensure you get a high-quality car glass installed.

Ask for Laminated Glass

Any true-blue car glass replacement expert will offer a laminated glass windshield. This glass type is also known as safety glass and comes with an inner PVB or Poly Vinyl Butyral layer sandwiched between two surfaces of glass. Upon impact, this inner layer does not allow for the windshield to shatter. The PVB sheet is a rigid and pliable material, entirely capable of holding the two glass panes in unison.

Even if a windshield breaks, it stays within the frame instead of falling on the passengers because of PVB. Therefore, an automotive windshield and even windows are top quality if they are made of laminated glass.

Check for OEM Specifications

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufactured glass and is identical to the factory-fitted windshield. Getting car glass installed that is exactly like the one you had when you first bought your vehicle is critical for high-quality performance. An OEM windshield need not be manufactured by the original company that your car's manufacturer used, as long as it is of the same dimensions, shape, size, and material.

OEM car glass suppliers ensure that you get exactly the product your vehicle came with. Therefore, ask the car glass service provider you choose whether they keep up with OEM specs and use windshields with the correct stipulations.

Stay Away from Local Dealers

When it comes to car glass, be wary of locally made products to ensure superior quality. The easiest way to figure out whether the windshield service provider is genuine or not is by asking about the nature of the warranty they offer.

If they use OEM car glass and provide a part warranty for at least one year, they are safe to buy from. Additionally, a genuine car glass service provider also takes immense pride in their craftsmanship. So, if your selected expert does not offer an additional warranty on workmanship over and above the part warranty, search for one that does. If a poorly installed windshield misaligns over the next pothole, you should not have to pay for another one out of your pockets.

Ask How Many Technicians Will Replace Your Car Glass

Know that car glass, especially windshield replacement, is a two-person job. Therefore, to ensure that along with a high-quality windshield, you also get top-notch installation; quiz the service expert on how many people will work on your vehicle.

Half the job is done if at least two technicians hold and affix the windshield onto your vehicle. A proper installation ensures that the car glass stays in place regardless of the terrain you drive your vehicle on.

Ensure Your Car Glass Adhesive Is Also OEM-Certified

It’s great that you have found a car glass service provider that offers top-quality windshield along with expert installation. But, what if a seemingly small thing such as the adhesive holding the entire structure together ends up being locally made?

To avoid a catch like this, ask your technician if they use an OEM-certified sealant to install the car glass. Why? OEM adhesives would have already gone through the highest safety standards and quality checks.

The Bottom Line

Are you looking for exceptional-quality car glass? If so, then why look further than AIS Windshield Experts – India’s largest automotive care network! Our squad of professionally trained experts use top-of-the-line tools for installing 100% authentic laminated safety car glass.

We take pride in our work and want our customers to reap its benefits, which is why we offer an extended one year warranty on workmanship and materials.

For a minimum drive-away and unflinching car glass quality, reach out to AIS Windshield Experts today!


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