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It doesn't matter what kind of car you drive; you always aim to keep your vehicle in the most pristine condition. This goes for both interiors as well as the exterior of the car. Every inch and every angle needs to be just right and perfect when it comes to your car. It is seldom that you ignore any damage or impairment done to your car because a car is more than just a mode of transport. It is a statement.

Out of all the components that need fixing or repairing or replacing, a car window is one component that needs to be in excellent condition. This is because it affects both your car’s performance and looks equally. Considering the fact that it is such an integral component of your beloved car, it is crucial that the foggy air of myths around it must be cleared. Here are five myths that you need to steer away from.

Installation Takes a Whole Day out of Your Schedule

It is an accepted fact that installing a car window is no cake-walk. But it doesn’t need you to spend the whole day. Installing a window requires a balanced amalgamation of skill and precision. An inexperienced installer might not get it perfect the first time and go through the process of removing and re-applying more than once. Getting your window installed from an experienced auto glass service provider ensures that you get the best fit within a reasonable amount of time. There are services that provide you with the needed assistance at the place and time of your choice. This helps you save a lot of time and get on with your day.

Your Insurance Will not Cover it

Installing a car window is like any other auto-repair that doesn’t need any special procedure while claiming insurance for it. It is one myth that can be debunked very easily. You just have to contact your insurance company and get details regarding the policy that you’ve chosen. Since every auto insurance policy is different, your policy may or may not cover for a car window installation. But most of the companies provide cover for this kind of auto-repair. Either the company will submit a claim on your behalf or reimburse you once you submit the bill. Many a time, the claim works on a case-to-case basis. This includes the reason for the damage, the intensity of the damage, the kind of policy you have, etc.

No Special Care is needed for Your New Window

Upholding this particular myth has wicked consequences. Many people tend to forget that they have a newly installed window and stop caring about it. As a matter of fact, the first three to four days are crucial, and during that time, the car window needs special care. Once the window is installed, the adhesive that is applied needs to dry so that it is properly fixed over the frame. Make sure that the adhesive doesn't come in contact with water; otherwise, it might make the joint weak and cause damage to the window. The retention tape that is applied to keep things in place should not be removed immediately. Make sure that you don’t put any unnecessary stress on the window and go easy with potholes and bumps.

There is no need for the installation of a new window if there are cracks or chips. Go for repair.

Another prevalent myth is that if you see crack and chips, rather than replacing the window, save some bucks and choose repair instead. This, as a myth, couldn't be more wrong. Cracks and chips don't go away with some make-shifts or repairs. If there is a very small chip (with a diameter less than 40 mm), then one can consider just repairing the car window. But if there are multiple cracks and chips, then it’s wiser to go for a new window. Cracks and chips weaken the window and make it lose its integrity. This can lead to further damage to the window and unexpected accidents. It’s better to not give in to this myth and get a new car window installed when necessary.

Mobile or Doorstep Services are not Reliable

This myth needs to be debunked as soon as possible. People have a misconception that a car window installation will take a whole day. To disprove this myth, one can always go for mobile assistance or door-to-door service that allows you to choose the place and time of installation. Unfortunately, the reason exposing the myth became a part of a myth itself. Many people have this idea that mobile installation services are not reliable. In truth, mobile installation services provided by many facilities involves the use of special tools and highly experienced and skilled technicians to ensure the best quality of work provided at a place and time according to your schedule and comfort.

Looking for reliable car window installation and replacement experts? Get in touch with those at AIS Windshield Experts! We employ company-trained technicians and highly specialised tools for windshield repair and replacement. Also, we follow a ‘Repair First’ policy and suggest a replacement only when necessary. So, get in touch with us today!

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