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Windshields were initially intended to protect vehicle passengers from the wind created by the speed of travel. However, their function has evolved since its inception. Windshields are also a standard protection feature in most commercial cars, as they aid in the containment of front airbags as they deploy.

But what if this important design component gets damaged? It's possible to get a crack, chip, or tear in your windshield fixed if it's just a couple of inches. Immense damage, on the other hand, would necessitate the replacement of the entire windshield. When you're driving, your windshield is your primary safety net, but if you accidentally ding or break it, you can have it fixed as soon as possible. Car owners always can't know whether to repair or replace. The ideal situation is to grab a chip as quickly as possible before it develops cracks or causes further harm. Chips that haven't formed can be filled in with an adhesive package that extracts air from the windshield's inner layer and seals the chip's impact point from the elements. However, removing and replacing your car windshield is a multi-step process that can be challenging to master. Let's dive into the types of cracks to understand the replacement process.

Different Types of Windshield Cracks & When Should You Replace One:

  1. Bull's Eye Crack

As the name suggests, it is round in shape, and there is a visible point of impact with concentric circles around it. This is the most common type of crack that occurs when a small blunt rock hits the windscreen. The effect takes on a spherical form, and a small piece of glass can break off.

  1. Star Crack

The Star Crack is another common crack. This crack is caused by a sharp object hitting the windscreen, as the name indicates. A star-shaped cavity emerges as a result of the impact, and a piece of glass breaks off. A star crack will quickly worsen if it's not treated urgently.

  1. Combination Break

This crack is the fusion of the star and bull's eye cracks. When a sharp pebble or object hits, the impact may cause a mixed crack. 

  1. Edge Crack

The edge crack is a crack that extends from within 2 inches of the windscreen lining. If the crack is not addressed, it may grow from a small to a large one. In India, this is a prevalent crack on cars. The length will vary from 10′′ to 12′′, and in some instances even more.

  1. Floater Crack

This crack is similar to the edge crack, but it begins 2 inches away from the windscreen's lining.

  1. Half Moon Crack

A half-moon crack is similar to a Bull's eye crack except that it chips off a piece of glass but is semi-round rather than circular.

  1. Stress Crack

A stress crack is an invisible crack that we can't feel as we move our fingertips over. It's best to pass a ballpoint pen over the crack to diagnose it. 

When Will You Need a Windshield Replacement?

There are some noticeable situations where you would need a replacement. For example, if a rock flings through your windshield and punches a hole in it, or if it forms several chips – even filling the entire surface – a replacement is necessary. Keep in mind that the car's windshield is made up of two glass layers bonded together with a Poly Vinyl Butyral or PVB interlayer in between. In the event of injury, this sandwiched layer keeps the whole framework intact.

If all of these scenarios apply to your car's front windshield, contact an auto glass repair service right away. Keep the phone number of a business that delivers services in your chosen area on your mobile.

Moving on, not all cases of windshield loss are as simple as the two examples above. More minor cracks and chips, which are less noticeable, can also require a windshield replacement. A basic rule of thumb to note here is that if your car's front windshield has any holes in it, it's time to fix it. Whether you decide to replace it right away or wait a few months, the most important thing is to get rid of the old one.

Cracks weaken the whole structure of the windshield. You run the risk of totally breaking or detaching your window the next time you have a minor accident, which would injure the people inside. A shattered windscreen will also prevent airbags from deploying properly, and you'll be thrown out of the vehicle through the front windshield. As a result, unlike a repair, a replacement can not be delayed.

However, it is recommended not to do it on your own. It's always best to show your windshield damage to an auto glass expert because they're the ones who are adequately trained to advise when you need windshield repair or replacement.

Although it is common knowledge that fixing a windscreen is less costly than installing one. The type, place, height, and thickness of the blemish or fissure will all impact an auto glass service provider's ability to fix the windshield. However, if your windscreen's chip is shallow and smaller than 40mm in diameter, your auto glass expert can recommend repair. Furthermore, only two of these chips can be restored. One of the most important things to note is that the longer you wait for replacements after finding the breakage, the more likely you need a replacement – even minor chips will worsen in a matter of days.

Why Go For An Auto Expert When Repairing A Broken Windshield And Replacing It With A New One?

Because an auto mechanic will:

  • Prepare by shielding the car's interior and exterior with a thick layer to protect it from small glass pieces that may fall off the existing windshield.
  • Start the removal process by peeling off the molding around the perimeter of the windshield.
  • Break the windshield from the points where it is welded to the vehicle with the proper tool.
  • Remove the old glass by slowly moving it out from the vehicle and softly pushing it out from the inside with another technician's help.
  • Go through a series of priming steps to prepare the frame to stick to the new windshield
  • Replace the windshield and allow it to set according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Windshield Experts is the first and only company in India that provides auto glass replacement. In India, we offer prompt car glass replacement. Rear glass replacement and side window replacement are also available.

We are the only company in India that offers a one-year written warranty on our services & the product we use. All auto glass is imported directly from AIS, a well-known brand in the Indian automotive glass industry. AIS, one of India's leading automotive glass manufacturers, a significant name in the country. Over the years, it has carved a niche for itself as one of India's largest automotive glass manufacturers and the nation's biggest car glass supplier.

We hope this blog helped you wave goodbye to your windshield woes. In case your car requires professional attention, always look for a trusted car experts center like Windshield experts to have the professionals handle it.

Windshield Experts is the place to go if you need car glass repair or replacement. We offer useful and timely services to all of our clients' thanks to world-class standards, international training, and top-of-the-line equipment. Call our centralized helpline numbers to hear more about windshield replacement or find a Windshield Experts site near you. We much await hearing from you.


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