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Your car’s precious windshield can be damaged easily. However, fortunately, professionals like Windshield Experts can help repair it perfectly. When it comes to conducting Wagon R Windshield repair, there are many factors that professionals take into consideration, ensuring that the repair work is done without a hitch.

Keep reading to know more about Wagon R Windshield repair. There are different steps for large and small damage, and these have been highlighted below.

Steps taken during a Wagon R Windshield repair

Steps to Repair Wagon R Windshield

Based on the damage incurred by the windshield, a professional conducts the following steps:

  1. Examining the Crack

The process of Wagon R Windshield repair begins with an examination. Professional mechanics will look at the extent of the damage to identify the right steps to repair the same. Oftenly, a repair is recommended when the windshield has small chips.

  1. Prepping the Area

The next step that’s undertaken during the Wagon R Windshield repair is prepping the area. Usually, mechanics use alcohol pads to clean the area where the chip is. This is because it cleans the glass properly and lets them spot any smaller chips or cracks around the area. The clean surface also ensures that the rest of the steps go smoothly.

  1. Placing a Mirror

The next step during the Wagon R Windshield repair is placing a mirror on a dashboard, facing the crack, so that the mechanic can see the bottom-side of the cracks. This helps them check all angles simultaneously, without having to move in and out of the vehicle.

  1. Centering the Bridge Tool

Once the area is clean and ready for repair, it’s time for the next step in the Wagon R Windshield repair. Mechanics use a bridge tool to fix the crack. They start by centering the tool to ensure they don’t end up making a mistake. While the tool is centered, a seal is also created, ensuring that the resin (the material used to fill the cracks) does not pour out into the wrong place.

  1. Pouring the Resin

Resin is a material that is used to close any open spaces in the chips to make the windshield whole again. The mechanic will pour the resin into the hole through the bridge tool. Generally, the resin dries quickly (it doesn’t take more than 10-15 minutes).

Typically, only 3-8 drops of resin are required for small chips. Chips that are very large generally warrant a total replacement.

  1. Replacing the Glass

Once the resin is poured and dried, there’s one last step needed to complete the Wagon R Windshield repair. The resin fills the chip but one still needs a layer of glass over the repaired area for the process to be complete. The mechanic will add a pit filler right on the crack, and then use a plastic curing tab to create the look of glass. Once it cures in direct sunlight, it looks exactly like the rest of the glass around it.

  1. Optional Step - Scraping Off the Excess Cure

Depending on how the cure has been added, the mechanic may need to remove the excess cure to make the area smooth. This is an important step in Wagon R Windshield repair as uneven glass can pose a visual hazard. It may make it difficult to see and may cause accidents due to the same.

Should you go in for Wagon R Windshield repair or a total replacement?

Wagon R Windshield Repair or Replacement

Now, when your windshield is damaged, it’s important to take a moment to ascertain whether you need a total replacement or Wagon R Windshield repair. It’s a pretty simple decision to make. If the windshield has a single crack or a few tiny cracks, then you should choose to go in for Wagon R Windshield repair. However, if the windshield is shattered in multiple places, then it cannot be repaired. It will have to be replaced by the mechanic.

Why should you choose Windshield Experts for Wagon R Windshield repair?

As a part of the AIS company, we use only AIS glass that provides durability and high- quality. We have multiple repair service centers across India and trained professionals who understand exactly how to go about the Wagon R Windshield repair. As a result, you can expect the work to be done efficiently and quickly.

Our dedication to offering an exemplary service has led us to become one of the most renowned names for Wagon R Windshield repair (along with windshield repair for other cars in India).

If you have any questions about Wagon R Windshield repair, why you should use AIS glass, or want to know more about windshield repair itself, get in touch with us.

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