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The windshield in the car gives you protection from the aerodynamic force generated by the wild winds. It also protects the eyes from wind stroke, blurry vision, and dryness. To top it all, the windshield protects the passengers from dust particles, insects, rock or pebbles, and other impurities that might cause disturbance while driving.

Windshield glass, also called laminated glass, is a particular type of reinforced glass. It can be said as the 'Knight in Shining armour' for the driver and the passengers. It consists of 2 separate glasses bonded by PVB (Poly-Vinyl- Butyral) sandwiched between them to provide optimum safety to the driver and the passengers during an event of a crash.

The double-layer in the windshield also provides the first level of protection in a collision with small objects like pebbles. In such scenarios, only the impacted layer is damaged. In case of severe crashes, the PVB layer avoids the glass particles or shards from flying off and harming the driver and passengers. A damaged windshield can compromise the safety of the vehicle and all the people within. Hence, we always recommend checking and verifying the windshield's integrity before you use the vehicle.

When should you repair a damaged windshield?

Based on the severity of the windshield damage, it should be repaired or replaced. And one can repair the windshield under the following circumstances:

  1. If the outer layer of the glass is damaged and the damage is smaller than 12 inches
  2. The damage does not hinder the visibility of the driver, or damage is on the outer border of the windshield

It is essential to note that repairing the windshield does not restore its integrity. A further impact at the same spot may increase the damage. If you tend to ignore cracks and chips and forego a timely repair, it may increase in size, compromising the passengers' visibility and safety.

When should you replace a damaged windshield?

Sometimes the windshield is so severely damaged that the only option left is replacing the damaged windshield. In such a scenario, the replacement should be made at the earliest. Below are the signs to check if there is a need for replacement:

  1. The damage is hindering the vision of the driver
  2. There are more than three damages to the glass
  3. The damage is greater than 12 inches
  4. The damage is on the outer border of the glass

Here are some of the useful tips that will help you during the process of windshield replacement:

  1. If the depth of the damage crosses the PVB layer, it is recommended not to use the windshield. It is recommended to replace it at the earliest.
  2. Driving a vehicle with a windshield that has damages close to the edge can be dangerous for all the vehicle occupants. The wear and tear on the windshield can intensify when driving on bumpy roads or taking a sharp turn. The windshield will become highly unusable once the cracks intensify on the edges.

The vital decision of repair or replacement of the car's windshield has to be taken by the driver, based on the severity of the cracks. In no case should the cracks hinder the driving experience; else it can be hazardous to the occupants' lives.

Who to trust for Windshield replacement?

If a windshield replacement is inevitable, the in-house team of windshield experts at Windshield Experts can help provide a quick turnaround to the vehicle owner. Windshield Experts has the most extensive auto glass repair and replacement network of over 90+ service centres spread across 50+ cities. Deeper cracks in the car windshield are signs your vehicle needs a windshield replacement. Always go for trusted experts like AIS to expedite the windshield replacement process.

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