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Importance of Replacing a Cracked Windshield

January 12, 2020
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A car windshield has a front-row seat to potential damage – even a small pebble or debris has the power to leave reparable chips or sometimes, irreparable cracks on the windshield for car. What should you do when a flying pebble hits your car windshield and leaves a crack? In such a situation, the first thing that you should do is stop driving your car and evaluate the damage. After that, you need to get the windshield for car fixed as soon as possible.

A cracked windshield is not only unappealing to the eye but is also a major safety issue. Driving around with a damaged windshield not only puts your life at huge risk, but it also endangers the lives of those travelling with you and other vehicles along with the pedestrians on the roads.

Importance of Car Windshields

When it comes to damaged windshields, most people don’t give them their due importance because they are not aware of their importance in the first place. In a schema of important components of your car, the windshield ranks very high. Windshields for cars are more than just an ornamental addition. They are, in fact, one of the most vital components of your car. Your windshield protects you from wind, stones, dirt, water and other outside elements. Along with this, it also maintains the structural integrity of the car.

The windshield creates a layer of protection. It consists of two layers of glass bonded together by an interlayer of PVB. The presence of the windshield prevents the car roof and the cabin from caving in as it acts as a supportive beam. It also protects you and your fellow passengers from any harsh impact in the case of a collision. Windshields for cars also help in the proper deployment of airbags. If you get caught in an accident, it is the windshield that stops you from being thrown out of the car. A damaged windshield can weaken the safety function of your car and can make you prone to fatal injuries in the case of an accident or major collision.

Dangers of Driving Around With a Cracked Windshield

A crack has full potential to compromise the safety of your car. Given below are the reasons why getting your cracked windshield replaced is imperative –

A Barrier to Clear Visibility

A crack directly lying in your line of vision can hinder your driving as you will not be able to have a clear idea of all that is happening in your car’s vicinity. Moreover, a cracked windshield also proves to be a continuous distraction. Driving with a cracked windshield can have fatal outcomes that could come at the cost of yours or someone else’s life.

Loss of Structural Support

A cracked windshield cannot provide your car with the structural support that it requires. This means that if you get caught in a rollover accident, there is a very good chance that the windshield of your car can cave in and collapse, causing fatal injuries to passengers.

Fatal Accidents

A windshield is designed to provide maximum safety to you and your fellow passengers especially in the face of an accident. But a cracked windshield will not be able to bear the severity of a harsh impact in an accident or collision the way a normal windshield can. If you are caught in an accident and you aren’t wearing a seat-belt then the impact from the accident can cause you to be ejected out of the car as a cracked windshield will be unable to provide you with any kind of safety. A cracked windshield will even shatter easily in a collision and the flying glass can further cause serious, sometimes fatal injuries.

Failed Deployment of Airbags

Your windshield also helps in the deployment of airbags when your car gets into a major collision. But, a cracked windshield will not be able to withstand the brunt of the collision, leading to a failed airbag deployment. This will in turn lead to serious injuries, or worse, even death for the passengers.

The Right Way of Getting Your Cracked Windshield Fixed

If your windshield has a crack then the best thing to do is to immediately get it checked and replaced by professionals. DIY solutions may seem like a good option, but they can do more harm than good. Most often, a DIY solution or a home-kit repair job ends up aggravating the problem and making it more time and money-consuming.

Not all cracks and chips can be fixed by a simple repair job. Some cases require the entire windshield to be replaced.  This is why, rather than making misinformed decisions, it is best to let a professional team of technicians handle the problem. A trained windshield expert has the required knowledge and thus, will be able to recommend you the ideal solution. They can assess the severity of the damage and can give you a correct evaluation as to whether a windshield repair job will suffice or replacement of the windshield is mandatory.

You might think that a crack can easily be fixed by a simple repair job but that’s not the case. Only minor chips (at the most two) whose diameter do not exceed 40mm and are restricted to the outer layer of the glass can be fixed by a simple repair job. For more clarity, kindly refer to the attached image –

If you find your auto glass littered with numerous chips or cracks, the only solution left will be to get your windshield replaced as they will greatly compromise the structural integrity of your car. For further information on windshield repair, kindly refer to the following URL –

When it comes to fixing a cracked windshield, the sooner you take action, the better. And if you are looking for windshield for car experts, look no further than AIS Windshield Experts – India’s leading windshield repair and replacement company. Our team of trained technicians can take care of all your windshield repair and replacement requirements. Our 80+ conveniently-located service centres in over 45 cities and several mobile vans help us reach you whenever and wherever. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!

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