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What is Fastag Service
FASTag is an electronic toll collection system in India that digitalises highway toll payments. Using FASTag is very beneficial - it saves time since vehicles don't need to stop at toll plazas, reduces traffic congestion at toll booths, helps track vehicle movement, and minimises cash handling, reducing corruption. Switching to FASTag also entitles vehicles to discounts at certain toll plazas. Adopting this simple technology can make highway travel smoother.

How FASTag Works?

FASTag is a simple sticker that is placed on your vehicle's windscreen. It has a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip that enables electronic toll collection. As your vehicle approaches a toll plaza, RFID readers will be installed to detect the FASTag on your windscreen. The information from your FASTag is captured, and the toll amount is deducted automatically from the prepaid account or wallet linked to it. The process is speedy, and you do not need to stop paying cash at the toll plazas if you have a valid FASTag. The barrier gate will lift as soon as the RFID reader detects your FASTag, allowing you to pass without any hassles. The FASTag is linked to your bank account or prepaid wallet. When a toll deduction happens, you will receive an SMS alert on the registered mobile number linked to your FASTag account. You can then recharge/top up your FASTag account through net banking, UPI, credit card, debit card, etc.

Advantages of FASTag

Mentioned below are the various benefits of FASTag:
  • Time Savings
FASTag saves you the precious time you would otherwise spend waiting in long queues at toll plazas to pay cash. With FASTag, you don't need to stop your vehicle. The RFID technology enables direct automatic deduction of toll fees from your linked account as you drive through. This saves you 5-10 minutes per toll plaza, helping you reach faster.
  • Environment Friendly 
Multiple vehicles stopping and accelerating at toll plazas increases pollution and carbon emissions. FASTag-powered seamless driving reduces fuel consumption and emissions per vehicle by 20%-30% at toll plazas. This makes transportation cleaner and more environmentally friendly.
  • 5 Year Validity Period
Once you purchase it, a FASTag has an easily renewable validity of 5 years. Unlike other RFID tags, you don't need to renew it frequently. Just top it up regularly and keep using it for 5 years without the hassles of reissuing.
  • Track Spending Easily
FASTags provide complete transparency and visibility into your toll transactions. You can access statements online and track toll spending daily or monthly. This helps significantly in managing expenses and budgeting.
  • Hassle-free Registration 
Earlier, getting a tag required filling out forms and document submissions. Now, FASTag registration has been simplified with minimal documents through the My FASTag app and select banks. You can also order it online and have it delivered to your doorstep without any hassles.
  • Top Ups and Recharges on the Go
FASTag provides the flexibility of recharging your wallet through UPI apps, credit cards, internet banking, etc. You can also set up auto-debit instructions for convenient periodic top-ups. This helps ensure your tag always runs in balance at a toll.
  • Avail Monthly Passes  
Some highway operators allow you to create a monthly pass in your FASTag if you are a frequent commuter. This pass allows unlimited journeys between specified toll plazas in a month. It brings excellent savings compared to individual cash toll payments.

The Bottom Line

Switching to FASTag makes highway travel so much simpler! No more standing in long toll queues - just drive straight through and relax. Your money gets auto-paid digitally. It saves time, reduces traffic jams, helps our environment, and transparently tracks expenses. Getting and recharging FASTag is also super convenient nowadays. With all these benefits, it's a no-brainer to go for this smart digital tolling technology.

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