How to Take Care of Your Car Glass in the Heatwave


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Windshield Tips in Summer
The blazing summer sun can heat up your parked car to extremely high temperatures, wreaking havoc on its glass and interior. Here we will provide helpful windshield tips for protecting your car's windows and interior surfaces during a summer heat wave so that your dashboard doesn't crack, your windows don't fog up, and your car stays comfortable when you go for a drive.

Importance of Maintaining Car Glass in Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures put a lot of strain on your car's glass. Small flaws become big cracks. To help avoid major cracks or shattering, moderate the inside temperature when it's extremely hot outside. Use the defroster, A/C, or crank the heat to keep that temperature difference less intense. And if you've got any minor chips or cracks, fix them quickly before the weather can wreak havoc.

Tips to Take Care of Your Windshield

1. Timely Replacement of Wipers  Your windshield wipers are essential for maintaining good visibility and safety while driving. The wiper's rubber gradually wears out as it gets used over time, making it less effective at clearing water, snow, or debris from your windshield. Many people wait until their wipers are actively streaking and smearing their view before replacing them. However, it's wise to be proactive and replace your wipers regularly, even if they seem to work okay. Making windshield wiper replacement part of your routine auto maintenance schedule is a simple, inexpensive way to prioritise driving safety.

2. Get Advanced Heat Films Installed Rather than DIY films, opt for professional-grade heat control window films. Premium brands offer specialised Low-E or Low-Emissivity films designed explicitly for soaring Indian summer temps. Their invisible metallic layer blocks up to 60% infrared light from entering glass panes while maintaining visibility. This insulation regulates in-cabin heat, prevents internal glass stress and saves costs on cooling bills, too!

3. Seek Expert Windshield Chip Repairs Tiny cracks can quickly worsen under thermal duress and cloud vision. Connect with your nearest auto glass experts offering mobile repair services. Special resins injected deep into cracks fix secure edges and prevent spreading. This 30-to 60-minute fix by pros saves the headache of total windshield replacement. Special clear resins injected into the cracks fix and prevent spreading by securing the edges. Timely fixes sidestep expensive windshield replacements while restoring visibility and structural safety.

4. SMART Parking: Avoid Sudden Change Parked cars can get dangerously hot in minutes. Optimally, limit errands and shopping visits between 10 AM and 4 PM, when it's most scorching. If plans change and you return to an already-hot vehicle later than anticipated, allow gradual acclimatisation. Stand outside for a few minutes with the doors open to ventilate before getting in. Start the AC on low fan mode for 2-3 minutes before cranking the air or switching the AC to max. Avoid radical temperature shifts that can destabilise glass.

The Bottom Line

Protecting your car's glass is crucial in extreme heat. You can prevent costly windshield replacements by following these windshield tips in summer like, parking in the shade, avoiding cooling the car with cold water when kept in direct sun, installing heat protection films, repairing chips early, and allowing gradual temperature adjustments inside your car, you can avoid costly windshield replacements. If you notice any chips or cracks in your glass, schedule repair services with AIS Windshield Experts. Our mobile techs provide professional-quality chip repairs and windshield replacements to keep your car safe this summer.

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