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Windshield Insurance Claim
ICICI Lombard is a leading insurance provider in India, offering a range of car insurance policies to cater to the diverse needs of vehicle owners. Understanding the claims process is crucial if you reside in Kolkata and have an ICICI Lombard car insurance policy. Here we will guide you through filing a claim, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience when you need it the most.

Types of Motor Insurance Claims

There are two main types of Car glass insurance:
  • Third-party claim: Third-party claims come into play when your car causes damage to someone else's vehicle or property. This could happen in various situations, like a minor collision in a parking lot, accidentally backing into another car, or sliding into another vehicle on a slippery road. Even a minor incident where your car makes contact with someone else's property can result in them filing a claim against your insurance policy to cover the repair costs.
  • Own damage claim: Own damage claims cover the cost of repairing your car when it's damaged in an accident or incident that's your fault. This could include hitting a deer, a tree branch falling on your car, or hail damage from a storm. Any dents, dings, or other physical harm to your vehicle can be addressed through your damage claim.

Documents Needed for Car Insurance Claims

Here are the documents needed for car insurance claims:
  • Proof of loss: This document details what was damaged/lost in the incident. It includes a description of the incident, date/time/location, property damage, and estimated repair or replacement costs.
  • Police report: If the incident involved a law violation, injury, or fatality, a police report describing the incident is required. This provides objective information on how the incident occurred.
  • Repair estimates: To claim repair costs, you must provide itemised repair estimates from auto repair shops. These estimates list the parts to be repaired/replaced and the labour charges. Get more than one estimate.
  • Medical records: If anyone was injured, provide medical reports documenting the injury, treatment given, and costs. These could include bills, treatment records, etc.
  • Photos: Take detailed photos of the damage to your vehicle and the other vehicle/property. This documents the condition after the incident.
  • Receipts of car rental/accommodation: If you incurred costs for car rental, accommodations, etc., while your car was in the workshop, provide receipts.

Steps to File a Motor Insurance Claim

Filing for ICICI Lombard windshield insurance or car insurance is a simple process. Here's how it works:
  1. Report the incident right away. As soon as something happens to your car, whether it's an accident, breakdown, or theft, call the ICICI Lombard toll-free number at 1800 2666. This allows the claim process to begin right away.
  2. Provide the details. Share information about what happened with the customer service team. This helps the insurer understand the situation and extent of damage to your vehicle.
  3. Use the mobile app. The ICICI Lombard IL Take Care app has a handy "InstaSpect" feature. This visual documentation assists in evaluating the repair needs.
  4. Take the car to a preferred garage. If repairs are required, the insurer can arrange for your vehicle to be towed to one of their partner garages nearby.
  5. Get the car fixed and collect it. The garage will complete the necessary repairs, and the insurance provider will typically pay them directly if you have a cashless policy. You must pay your portion of the bill before taking your car home.
The process is designed to be easy and convenient for you. In addition to the toll-free number, you can file a claim through the website, mobile app, or SMS. And if your policy includes Garage Cash cover, you'll even get a daily allowance for transportation while your car is being repaired. You can also download the claim form for ICICI Lombard General Insurance here. The key is to report the incident to your insurance provider immediately. They will guide you through the entire claims journey to ensure you can get your vehicle back on the road without much delay.

The Bottom Line

Filing a car insurance claim with ICICI Lombard does not have to be difficult, especially if you act quickly to report the incident. You can repair or replace your car smoothly by providing the necessary documentation, using helpful tools like their app, and working with their partner garages. Staying calm and following their clear process will lead to the best outcome when an unfortunate event occurs. Moreover, for premium windshield repair services, or any car related issues contact AIS Windshield Experts.

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