Windshield Cracks

4 Types Of Cracks that Can Damage Your Car Windshield

September 25, 2020
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Chips and cracks on the windshield in car can be serious turn-offs. Windshields are vital components of any vehicle. Unlike minute scratches on the car’s body, windshield cracks can compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle. Thus, any defect in the original state of the car windshield needs to be addressed without any delay.

The occurrence of cracks in the windshield can be due to multiple reasons – extreme temperatures, pressure fluctuations, improper installation of the windscreen, low-quality glass, and gravel roads being a few common explanations of the same.

To repair different windshield chips, a different plan of action is to be followed for the best outcomes. To land upon the perfect solution for a windshield crack, the technician needs to thoroughly analyse the damaged area, and then they can label the crack and suggest a fix accordingly. Below are four types of cracks that can incur considerable damage to the windshield in car.

Bull’s Eye Crack

When the object creating the impact is significantly large (maybe debris, pebbles, or gravel), the crack sustained by the windshield is a bull’s eye crack.

This damage is practically circular in shape. The name of the crack makes the shape of its impact apparent – the centre of the target. Apart from sitting at irking positions on the windshield in car, a bull’s eye crack also impairs the driver’s vision on the road by disrupting the line-of-sight.

When a bull’s eye crack is not dealt with in due time, excessive dirt, oil, and other debris can accumulate in the damaged area. This makes the damage more extensive, and repairing the crack becomes notably difficult. Although if repaired timely and by expert technicians, no trace of the crack will be left, and your windshield in car will go back to looking smooth as new.

Half-Moon Crack

A half-moon crack is somewhat similar to the bull’s eye type. The differentiation can be done based on the fact that the damage caused is not fairly circular, unlike bull’s eye damage. Such cracks are caused by the impact of rather blunt objects.

What to do in such cases? Consult reliable and skilled auto glass repair and replacement technicians. Repairing the half-moon crack is fairly simpler owing to its shape. As the damage is not entirely in a circular pattern, trained technicians have better manoeuvrability while cleaning and repairing the windshield in car, and thus, half-moon has an edge over other types of cracks.

Star Break Crack

The damage of a star break comes off as a series of short yet radical cracks from the impact point. This is how the crack got its name. The damage incurred by the impact resembles a star to a great extent. So, even when a layman looks at a star crack, they can instantly distinguish it from other types.

A star crack usually starts as a minor crack when the windshield in car is struck by debris or another object. But it may soon end up branching off to the entire windshield glass. On such occasions, replacement is the only option left with the car-owner. Thus, it becomes exceedingly necessary to get the damage attended to at the earliest.

Combination Crack

When a windshield in car sustains a crack that is a blend of both a star break and a bull’s eye, it is termed as a combination crack. These sorts of cracks are incredibly difficult to tend to.

What causes a combination crack? Rock chips or stone chips are the primary footings of any damage to the windshield in car, and combination cracks are no exceptions.

Given that it is a combination crack, the level of damage contracted by the windshield in car is severe. To repair a combination crack, a highly skilled technician is desired. Superior craftsmanship is essential for repairing a combination crack; anything less than that can cause further damage to the windshield.

Why Do Cracks and Chips Need Immediate Attention?

If left unattended, expect a tiny chip on the windshield in car to exaggerate into a long and uncomfortably large crack. As windshields are fragile and play a crucial role in supporting your car’s overall structure, they require your singular attention when damaged. Consequently, it is imperative to get the windshield crack addressed at the earliest.

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