5 Foolproof Ways to Remove Sticky Stuff From Your Car Windshield


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As a car owner, you must be painfully aware of the hassle removing a sticker or decal from the windshield can be. Be it a parking ticket or the sticker that comes with purchasing a second-hand car, these stickers are designed to be long-lasting, and that is bad news for your car’s windshield. Simply spraying water on them will not really do the trick. They can be quite stubborn and often tend to leave pesky residue behind. Even though removing stickers can be quite bothersome, it becomes essential to do so, especially if they are in your line-of-sight as they can disrupt your view or cause distraction.

Given below are five ways that you can remove stickers without breaking a sweat.

Soapy Water

Begin by peeling the sticker from a corner and try removing the majority of the sticker. Don’t worry if any adhesive residue or paper from the back of the sticker is left behind. Once you have peeled off the sticker as much as you can, it is time for you to use soapy water. Fill warm water in a bucket and add a little bit of dishwashing liquid to it. Mix it well and dip a rag into the bucket. Use the wet rag to begin soaking the adhesive so that it absorbs the moisture. Continue doing this for some time until the adhesive is completely soaked. After that, use your fingers or a rag or a plastic scraper to remove the adhesive remnants. Once you have managed to get the adhesive out, clean the glass surface with water and pat it dry with a cloth and your windshield will be good as new.

Baking Soda

Using baking soda to get rid of any sticker or decal on your windshield is an excellent technique. Moreover, using baking soda is also completely harmless as it is non-toxic. Just add some baking soda to half a cup of everyday cooking oil. Mix the solution and start dabbing the sticker with it. Let it soak for some minutes and then peel the sticker off from the edges. You can use a plastic scraper, a plastic card, or even your fingers to peel it off. But, remember never to use baking soda if your windshield glass is tinted as it will damage the tint.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol works exceptionally well for removing stickers from your car windshield. Take some dry paper towels and soak them with some rubbing alcohol. Then take the paper towel and start dabbing the sticker until it is completely soaked. You will find that the sticker is becoming soft. Once it gets soft, use a plastic scraper or even a plastic card to remove the sticker with precision. After the sticker has been completely scraped out, wipe the spot clean with a fresh paper towel soaked in rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining adhesive streaks.  Once done, your windshield glass will be as good as new.

Window Cleaner

Your window cleaning detergent can be a massive help in getting rid of the stickers on your windshield. Just spray the window cleaner on the sticker and let it soak for a couple of minutes. Then inspect to see if the sticker seems to be soft on the outside or if it is slipping when you touch it. If it does seem soft, then use a scraper to scrape out the sticker gently.

Adhesive Remover

Another much-preferred way of getting any sticker or decal out is by using an adhesive remover or cleaner. The adhesive remover softens the adhesive so that it can easily be removed from the windshield surface. With an adhesive cleaner, all you have to do is spray it onto the sticker. After that, wait for a couple of minutes for the sticker to get properly soaked. Once it has been soaked and the adhesive remover has worked its softening process, you can easily scrape it away. For scraping the sticker, use a plastic scraper. After you have removed the sticker, soak a soft cloth in window-cleaning detergent and clean the spot. Then buff it to make the windshield glass shine. Keep in mind that while choosing an adhesive remover, always read the label to make sure that it is safe to use it for a car windshield and won’t cause any harm to it.

Avoid using razor blades to remove stickers if you aren’t experienced with it, as you can end up causing severe damage to your windshield. Your windshield should always be in top-notch condition for it to perform all its safety functions. If you find your windshield to be damaged, even if it is a scratch, you must immediately get it fixed by professionals. Whenever you are looking for expert help for any windshield-related issues, choose AIS Windshield Experts. As a leading windshield repair and replacement company, we always offer ‘Faster, Safer, and Better.’ Our team of well-trained experts follows all international safety norms and is equipped with world-class equipment to attend to all your windshield needs. Our 90+ conveniently-located service centres and mobile vans help us reach you whenever and wherever.

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