5 Ways to Check Faulty Windshield Installation


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Most people are not aware that windshields for cars are as important as a car battery or tyre. Windshields provide structural integrity to your car. They perform the crucial task of strengthening and upholding the car’s roof so that passengers don’t get crushed in a rollover accident. In the face of a harsh impact, the presence of the windshield stops you from getting ejected out of the car. This is why if the windshield of your car has sustained damage, it should be repaired or replaced without any delay.

If you have just gotten your windshield replaced, you must be wondering if the job was done properly or not. A defective or faulty windshield installation can be a huge safety hazard on the road. During the deployment of airbags, it can easily get blown out from force. Defective windshields can easily pop out during an accident. Moreover, a faulty windshield can also lead to your car roof collapsing and crushing you and your fellow passengers. A structurally-weak or faulty windshield weakens the safety function of your car and makes you prone to fatal injuries.

Given below are 5 ways that you can find out whether your windshield installation is up to the mark or not -

Water Leakage

One of the best ways to see if your windshield for car has been installed properly or not is to take your car out while it is raining or to go to a local car wash and keep an eye on the edges of the windshield. If you notice water leaking from around the frame then it means that the seal used is weak. A bad seal around the windshield can be quite dangerous as it runs the risk of becoming loose and popping out. This means that if you get caught in a collision, your windshield won’t be able to provide any safety. If you notice water seeping in, you must get your windshield fixed by a professional immediately.

Old Adhesive Not Removed

An experienced windshield technician will ensure that the old adhesive has been entirely removed from windshields for cars. The old adhesive should be removed so that the new windshield that is being installed can be fitted properly. Your windshield technician should clean the old seal completely and only then start with the new installation. If you notice old adhesion on your windshield then you need to get it checked by a professional as it is an indicator that your new windshield has not been properly sealed.

Wavy Glass

When you look at your new windshield after installation and notice any waves or bumps or inconsistencies in the glass then it is a sure sign that the new windshield glass is not of good quality. A high-quality windshield glass would appear consistent and smooth. Wavy glass means that your installation company has used glass that doesn’t meet the requirements and specifications for your car. Wavy glass can be quite hazardous as it can distort visibility and cause disorientation for the driver.

Strange Noise at High Speeds

Another effective way of finding out if your windshield has been properly installed or not is to check for a dull ‘whooshing sound’ especially when driving at higher speeds. This whooshing sound is made by the wind getting into the cracks where the windshield has been installed incorrectly, thereby forming gaps. This whooshing sound can be quite low or very distinct depending on how badly the windshield installation was done. A properly installed windshield for car will not make this noise at all. To find out the state of your windshield installation, turn off the AC and radio, pull your windows up and listen closely for any noises coming in through the windshield the next time you are driving on a highway.

You Drove Your Car Immediately After Installation

If you were allowed to drive your car immediately following windshield for car installation, it is likely that you will have a defective installation. After the replacement is done, the adhesives that are used require some time to cure and harden. Driving your car before the adhesives have gotten a chance to set in can result in shifting of the glass. A pothole or a small bump on the road or even the smallest of jerks can cause damage to your new windshield. So if your windshield glass technician gave you the green signal to drive just after the installation process is done then it’s guaranteed that your windshield glass is not sitting right and will have a defect.

You can count on AIS Windshield Experts’ trained specialists to solve all your car glass-related woes. We use 100% genuine glass for windshields for cars, directly sourced from our parent brand – Asahi India Glass Limited. Our team of well-trained and qualified experts use top-of-the-line equipment and observe international safety standards during windshield repair and replacement.

You can drive into one of our 90+ service centres located across 50+ cities or simply give us a call at 1800-102-6364 and we will be at your doorstep via our network of mobile vans.

So, reach out to us today!

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