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All you need to know about car batteries

September 8, 2015
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You own a car and at times you like to go on long drives, Pretty Cool! Hence, it’s always conducive to have a fair bit of knowledge about your car battery. Knowledge about your car’s battery is always advantageous since, it’s the ride’s heart and soul. After all, you don’t want to be left stranded with a dead battery. The more you know about your battery, the lesser is the chance of getting stuck.

An automotive battery is used to start the car, power the lights, and more. When you drive, the engine constantly recharges the battery. However, these batteries have a set life and at some point you will need a replacement battery.

How do I determine if my battery needs replacement?

  1. To start with, you can check the four- or five-digit date code on the cover of your battery case. The first part of the code is key: look for the letter and digit. A letter is assigned to each month — like A for January, B for February and so on. The number that follows nods to the year, as in 9 for 2009 and 1 for 2011. This code tells you when the battery was shipped from the factory to your local Interstate Battery wholesale distributor. The additional digits tell where the battery was made.
  2. Car batteries last, three- to-five years on an average, but there are also weak battery signs to watch out for, like
  • A slow engine crank of low fluid level
  • If your battery case is swollen or bloated
  • There’s a smelly rotten egg scent coming from the battery
  • Check engine light

And if it’s over three years old? Consider it for close monitoring. That’s what we’re here for.

Windshield Experts offer battery replacements and we know the right ways to detect if there’s any weak part that may need immediate replacement. Our technicians inspect your vehicle’s battery and it will be less likely you’ll face every driver’s biggest fear. Drive with peace of mind. To know more, visit:

After all, without battery power, your car won’t start!

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