Automotive tempering

Many people fail to understand the importance of auto glass for the safety of the driver and passengers. It is obvious that windshields and car windows help block wind and keep out dirt, rain and snow; however, the automobile glass plays a bigger role than the passenger comfort. There are two types of glasses used in cars which is tempered and laminated glass. Tempered glasses are used everywhere in the automobile from rear glass to car windows glass. The windshield in the front is made of laminated glass. Laminated glass is preferred over tempered glass for car windshield because tempered glass has a tendency to shatter into pebble like particles which may cause severe injuries in case of collision.


Tempered glasses are made by heating glass to a certain temperature in tempering oven and then cooled rapidly. The heat treatment technique ensures in strengthening of glass. As per the experts tempered glass are four to five times stronger than the regular glass. A tempered glass can handle more stress than a normal glass due to its ability to better balance the force applied in it. These glasses are also popularly known as heat treated glass, safety glass and thermal glass. In addition to the strength the heating process also makes the surface of the glass highly resistant to scratches. Side windows, back windows and even sunroofs are made of tempered glass because of their unique breaking pattern. These glasses are not only stronger and tougher than the regular glass but also if it does break, it does not break into sharp shards but it crumbles into small pellets which protect the passengers sitting inside the car.

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