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Tata Punch Windshield Shatter
Ellyse Perry's thunderous strike during a Women's Premier League match caught people's attention for reasons other than its remarkable length. Her six flew over the line and shattered the TATA Punch window glass that the tournament's sponsor was driving.

Overview of Big Hit by Ellyse Perry Shatters Car Window in WPL Match

The crack of the bat hitting the ball echoed through the stadium, followed by awed shouts and cheers from the crowd. Ellyse Perry had just smashed a massive six that sailed high over the boundary line. But this was no ordinary six - Perry's powerful shot smashed right through the rear window of a Tata Punch EV displayed behind the stands by the tournament sponsors.

Fans of the high-octane Women's IPL had been waiting for just such a moment ever since the league began. Back in 2019, during another women's match, a different Tata sponsored car was hit but escaped with just a few scratches. Not this time. Perry's blistering six made history by properly smashing through the glass.

The Australian all-rounder, known for her easy going nature, later joked about the incident on social media, saying, "I was a bit worried. I'm not sure I have insurance over here to cover me. So in a bit of strife there."

As it turns out, she needn't have worried at all. Prior to the tournament, Tata Motors had pledged a donation of ₹5 lakh to charity every time six breaks one of their sponsored vehicles' windows. Staying true to their word, Tata announced they would be contributing funds to install solar panels on select buildings at Tata Memorial Hospital in Kolkata in collaboration with Tata Power.

While seeing top athletes damage property is certainly still an unusual occurrence, this particular incident brought plenty of good cheer. Perry's impressive shot not only thrilled fans and helped secure her team's victory, but Tata's charitable efforts mean her big six will directly benefit patients receiving cancer treatment.

Adding to the feel-good nature of the event, a viral tweet from a fan stated, "Not the first time Ellyse Perry has smashed the window of a vehicle parked at the ground with a six." The official Australian Women's Cricket account then quoted this post alongside an image of a previous broken car window caused by Perry's batting prowess. Their caption read, "Not the first time, won't be the last..." showing the humorous take both players and fans had on the incident.

What to Do if Your Car Window is Smashed?

Seeing something like a cricket ball, golf ball, or another fast-moving object smash your car window can be shocking. And while charity donations from generous companies certainly help the greater good, owners are still responsible for replacing their broken glass. So this is what you should do if you suddenly find yourself with a smashed rear windshield or side window.

The priority is safety. Carefully check for any remaining shards of glass both inside the car cabin and sticking out from the window frame. Wear gloves if possible while handling broken window pieces. Also, check thoroughly for any personal items that may have been damaged or come loose during the impact.

If the damaged window is making the vehicle unsafe to drive, call for car glass replacement near me or roadside assistance if covered by insurance. Avoid attempting to drive the vehicle until the glass can be repaired or replaced.

When it comes time for car window repair, owners have two main options:

  • Partial repair: If the damage is relatively minor, with just a small hole or crack, a speciality auto glass company like AIS Windshield Experts can often repair windows successfully with resin injections. This conserves resources compared to full replacements.
  • Complete replacement: For anything bigger than a minor chip or crack, replacement is the best option. New OEM factory glass installed by professionals ensures full safety and integrity. OEM parts made specifically for your car model ensure the closest fit and compatibility.

Replacing just a standard rear windshield ranges ₹6000-12,000 based on the vehicle, location, and glass shop. More specialised glass, like reinforced fronts or custom jobs, can cost more. Insurance may cover a portion of replacement costs if owners carry the correct comprehensive or add-on glass coverage. Check policy terms to find out deductible amounts and coverage limits.

How to Protect Your Car Windows?

No one expects their vehicle windows to get smashed randomly during their daily commutes or trips to the shops. But damage can happen anytime from stray balls, debris, weather events, and rocks getting thrown up on highways. Protect your car's windows by following these tips:


  1. Park defensively: Avoid parking under trees or close to active areas like sports fields where wayward balls often fly. Be aware of your surroundings.
  2. Add paint protection film: Clear protective films help shield windows from minor impacts from rocks, shopping carts, and other hazards. DIY kits are affordable.
  3. Get glass coverage: Comprehensive auto policies and glass-specific add-ons can offset expensive replacement costs when damage does occur.
  4. Clean frequently: Dirt, bird droppings, and other buildup weaken glass over time. Keep windows clean.


Perry's batting raised funds for a good cause despite the broken window. Tata's commitment to community improvement diverted attention from the property damage. For a windshield replacement, confirm your insurance covers it and contact AIS Windshield Experts for premium glass installation.

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