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Unfortunately, a car battery is one of those things that doesn’t cross your mind until something goes wrong with it. More often than not, this breakdown will occur at the most inconvenient time possible – think commuting to work or a road trip.
And anyone who has experienced the pain of a conked battery knows that replacing it must become your priority number one. If you’ve suffered such a fate, one of the first things you need to figure out is from where you’ll get the replacement car battery.
There are numerous brick-and-mortar and online stores that sell high-quality car batteries. The main differences between them usually boil to the battery brands, the types of batteries they offer, and other extra services. Some stores may offer several exclusive brands, while others may sport every brand under the sun. Moreover, many stores, especially speciality auto stores, offer various warranties and extra services along with batteries.
But if you’re looking for a car battery that allows your car to attain its full potential, and not something that barely powers it, here’s a quick guide on buying the best car battery online.

Peruse Your Owner’s Manual Thoroughly
Taking the online route rather than visiting a dedicated car dealership can save you much on the financial front. However, you’ll have to know what’s best for your car beforehand; otherwise, the effort will be a total waste.
The best place to start your research journey is pulling out that handy owner’s manual that has probably caught dust thanks to the years of unuse. The manual should specify the battery’s size that goes with your car. If you skip this part, you may end up with a smaller battery that causes your battery tray to vibrate endlessly, or a bigger one which doesn’t even fit. In any case, your time and resources will be wasted, and your car will still be standing, eagerly waiting for a new battery.
Moreover, the owner’s manual also comprises useful information regarding the type of battery compatible with your ride. Many times, the battery terminals positions are slightly changed depending upon the type of battery you’ve chosen, which can lead to a mismatch during installation. If you didn’t get a manual on the purchase or have misplaced it, you could also find relevant information on your car battery online.

Go for a Maintenance-Free Battery
Car batteries usually come in two types: Low maintenance batteries and maintenance-free batteries. Low maintenance batteries don’t require a whole lot of looking after and come with caps that can be unsealed. Just an occasional refill of distilled water is sufficient. On the other hand, maintenance-free batteries don’t require any refilling, as they come with sealed caps.
High maintenance batteries require servicing after every six months. Without regular maintenance, they could run out of juice any time, which will ultimately require a replacement.
So, if you want to skip all the headache, keep it simple and buy a maintenance-free car battery online.

Choose the Right Brand
Even though you know you which size and type of batteries are compatible with your car, you still need to think about the battery brand. There are tons of companies to choose from in a given size and type segment, which is enough to provide you with a severe headache. The good news is that the car owner’s manual also specifies the battery’s brand compatible with your car.
However, the battery mentioned can sometimes be too expensive, especially if you’re in a cost-cutting mode. In such cases, be sure to choose a brand which meets your car’s specification and isn’t much costly in the maintenance department. If you’re looking for a suggestion, go for an Amaron or Exide battery, as they’re India’s leading car battery manufacturers, and supply high-quality, lasting car batteries.
Also, don’t be tempted to buy the cheapest battery available, as its low price tag can be accompanied by a host of problems. As a rule of thumb, go for OEM car batteries rather than aftermarket ones, since you don’t have to spend much time on the research part, and can buy the same car battery online as the previous one.

If you’re looking to buy a car battery online, look no further than Car Fit Experts - India’s leading car care service. At Car Fit Experts, we provide genuine, accessible, affordable, and timely car battery replacement services. Before replacement, we evaluate whether the battery needs changing with our expert battery check process. Our doorstep battery replacement services also ensure that you don’t have to ride your car to our service centre with a faulty battery.
When it comes to battery quality, we only deal with reliable and renowned brands such as Amaron and Exide. Schedule a car battery check by getting in touch with us today!

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