Can a Windshield Damage Be Repaired With a Glass Repair Kit?


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No car owner wants to see their precious car’s windshield damaged. Windshield damages are not only an eye-sore, but they are also an added burden as they require you to rearrange your day’s schedule to take your car to a service center. Not to mention the financial burden that follows. The added cost and hassle might prompt you to opt for DIY solutions using a glass repair kit in your garage or one that you can easily find in the market; however, this is a disastrous move. A damaged windshield repair requires proper skills and specialized knowledge. If you don’t have the experience or the required expertise needed to handle a damaged windshield, you can end up aggravating the damage by trying to repair it on your own.

The Dangers of a Defective Windshield

The windshield is more than just an ornamental addition to your car. It is one of the crucial safety components of your vehicle, which is why, if your windshield has been damaged, you must be proactive about it and immediately get it professionally handled. DIY solutions or a windshield crack repair kit can end up worsening the problem, making it more time and money consuming. A DIY windshield repair kit is not designed to provide you with a permanent fix. A crack or a chip repaired with a glass scratch remover kit will eventually need expert support.

Moreover, by using these home remedies from the car windshield crack repair kit, the chip or crack runs a higher risk of spreading, resulting in your windshield glass shattering while you are driving. The resins that you find in a glass repair kit don't guarantee a flawless repair as a professional solution can. Windshield repair kits can only provide you with instructions, but Windshield Experts have the experience and skills required to safely undertake a repair or replacement. They also have the specialized tools needed to get the job done. Due to your lack of experience, skills, and knowledge, you could end up causing more harm than good to your windshield. A defective windshield won't bear the harsh impact of an accident. Also, a poor windshield won't be able to provide structural integrity to your car, making your car roof more prone to collapse in the event of a rollover.

Therefore, it is best to opt for professional solutions for your windshield damage for yourself and your fellow passengers' safety.

The Need for Windshield Professionals

A simple windshield damage repair job cannot fix all windshield damages. The size, location, and most importantly, the severity of the windshield damage determine whether it can be repaired or not. Only a certified windshield expert can assess and evaluate the damage and tell you whether a damaged windshield repair will be sufficient or you will require a windshield replacement. Therefore, it is best to let professionals handle it rather than using a DIY car windshield crack repair kit.


Chips are the most common cause of windshield damage. Minor chips that do not exceed 40 mm in diameter can be repaired. Bull's eye, bee's wing, star break, half-moon, cloverleaf, and combination break are some common chip types that a windshield damage repair job can fix. Minor chips can easily be repaired at home; however, you need to get them fixed immediately by professionals. If they are left unattended, they can turn into more considerable damage, requiring you to get a windshield replacement.

When it comes to minor chips, always remember that two can only be repaired at the most. Anything beyond that warrants a windshield replacement. So if the chip damage penetrates both the layer of the windshield glass or your windshield glass is littered with numerous chips, it is best to get a replacement as a simple damaged windshield repair job will compromise the structural integrity of your windshield. Moreover, repairing chip damage is also not feasible if the damage is in the driver's line of sight.


Contrary to popular belief, windshield cracks cannot be fixed by a simple repair done by a windshield repair kit. If the crack ends or begins at the edge of the windshield, a windshield replacement becomes mandatory. A windshield replacement is also required if the Poly Vinyl Butyral layer of the windscreen gets damaged. Repairing a windshield crack with a windshield crack repair kit is not wise as the structural loss will be significantly high, to the point of being a safety hazard. Hence, a windshield replacement done by trained windshield experts becomes compulsory. You can know more about windshield damage repair here.

Ditch the DIY glass repair kit and contact professionals like AIS Windshield Experts! We provide services that are ‘Faster, Safer, and Better – Be it a crack or a chip, our team of experienced and certified experts can give you an apt and top-quality solution in a timely and safe manner based on the type of damage. Moreover, we also offer a one-year written warranty on our workmanship and the products used for your convenience. Our 90+ conveniently-located service centers and several mobile vans enable us to

serve you whenever and wherever. So, stay away from the glass scratch remover kit and get in touch with us today!

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