5 Cleaning Tips For Newly Replaced Car Windshield


By  AIS Windshield Experts


Car Glass Cleaning: Cleaning Tips for Replace Car Windshield

Replacing your vehicle's windshield is a significant investment in safety and aesthetics. To ensure your newly installed windshield remains crystal clear and free from damage, it's crucial to follow these detailed care and maintenance guidelines. By adhering to these practices, you can enjoy a pristine windshield that provides unobstructed visibility and upholds the structural integrity of your vehicle.

1. Let the Adhesive Cure

The adhesive used to bond the windshield needs time to cure fully. It's essential to refrain from cleaning the glass for at least 24 hours days after the replacement to avoid disturbing the seal. OEM adhesive generally takes 48 hours to cure completely.

2. Avoid washing car for next 24 hours

post 24 hours, opt for a mild soap and water solution without any harsh cleaners. Microfiber cloths are ideal for windshield cleaning ensuring clean glass without causing scratches. Avoid using scouring pads or bristle brushes, as they can damage the brand-new windshield's surface. Professionals can recommend the best way to clean car windshields. Go for a pressure wash only after 48 hours.

3. Dry and Inspect

After washing, it's crucial to dry the entire windshield carefully. You can use a lint-free cloth for this purpose. Inspect the glass closely for any remaining dirt or debris. Repeat the cleaning and drying until the windshield appears crystal clear when viewed under bright light or sunlight.

Tips to Avoid Damage While Cleaning

Your vehicle's windshield is not just a piece of glass; it's a vital component for your safety and driving comfort. To maintain its longevity and clarity, it's crucial to follow specific cleaning tips and best practices. Here are these windshield cleaning tips:

1. Avoid Abrasive Cleaning Tools

The first and most critical tip is never to use abrasive cleaning materials like abrasive pads, bristle brushes, or scouring compounds on your windshield. These harsh tools can cause scratches and damage to the glass, reducing visibility and potentially costly repairs. Instead, opt for soft, non-abrasive cleaning materials.

2. Timing is Everything

When it comes to cleaning your windshield, timing matters. Avoid cleaning the glass in direct sunlight, especially when it's warm. Extreme temperature variations can compromise the adhesive used in the windshield, potentially leading to leaks or damage. Opt for cleaning on cooler, overcast days, or in the shade.

3. Gentle but Effective Cleaning

Dealing with stubborn dirt or grime on your windshield can be frustrating, but it's essential to maintain a gentle touch. Don't push too hard while cleaning. Instead, allow the cleaning agents to do the work. Using excessive force can increase the risk of scratches and damage.

4. Regularly Change Cleaning Clothes

To prevent grit from causing swirls or etching on the glass, it's essential to regularly change your cleaning cloths. Using a dirty cloth can lead to unintentional abrasion. Keep several clean, lint-free cloth pieces on hand, and switch them out as needed during the cleaning process.

5. Use High-Quality Cleaning Products

Choosing the right cleaning products is equally vital. Opt for high-quality, automotive-specific glass cleaners. These products effectively remove dirt, grime, and residue without harming the glass. Additionally, consider using ammonia-free cleaning products as ammonia can damage your windshield over time.


By following these comprehensive guidelines, your new windshield will provide you with miles of clear, undistorted vision. Handle the fresh glass gently, maintain protection with regular cleaning, and be extra cautious while the adhesive fully cures to ensure your replacement windshield remains streak-free and in excellent condition for years to come. Furthermore, if you want to take care of your new windshield properly, contact AIS Windshield Experts.

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