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Difference Between High And Low Quality Windshields

March 11, 2016
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It is a major trend that when it comes to windshield replacement a majority of car owners go for the cheapest product in the market. They avoid taking a professional service because they believe that it will cost them more, but this is not true.

There is a huge difference between high and low quality windshields. Windshield glass is specially designed for the automobiles.The primary purpose of windshield glass is to support the vehicle’s body. It is manufactured using different type of safety glass products so that it doesn’t break and shatters into pieces during collision. For this, industries have set high standards for the windshield they wish to install in their cars. For them it is very important to make sure that the windshield doesn’t shatter into pieces in case of a collision.


A car’s windshield acts as the greatest safety feature during an accident or collision. High quality windshields go through a number of industry specified testing processes before it is sent to the market. Experts make sure that in case of a rollover the windshield supports the roof of your vehicle and prevents it from collapsing that otherwise can injure the car occupants.

Here are a few differences between an industry manufactured windshield and a local one.

Durability – Theindustry manufactured windshield is durable, strong and doesn’t break under any circumstances. Local windshield breaks easily and starts showing off chips and cracks in a few weeks after installation.

Easy to clean – Industry manufactured windshields are free from dust and water and because of this they are easy to clean. Since dust, dirt and bird droppings don’t stick to the surface that’s why it doesn’t leave scratches and marks while cleaning. Local windshields don’t come with this quality and hence get damaged soon.

Visibility – Local windshields don’t provide good visibility the way industry manufactured ones do and it becomes more difficult due to constant dust and dirt settling on the screen.

These are a few reasons why you should always go with industry manufactured windshields installed only by the professionals. You can contact your nearest windshield maintenance agency for more information on windshield maintenance.

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