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Windshields serve as an indispensable component of a car. They are responsible for keeping the passengers safe by preventing any dirt, dust, or debris from entering the vehicle and distorting the driver's line of vision. Not many people realise the importance of a windshield in car safety and often neglect it. They may drive around with chipped or cracked windshields thinking of them as merely an unattractive sight but in reality, a damaged windshield is a safety hazard.

Moreover, they are extremely crucial in protecting the occupants from getting into fatal accidents. In the event of a head-on collision, a genuine OEM windshield can absorb 45% of the accident impact to prevent the passengers from getting thrown out of the car. They are also responsible for maintaining about 60% of the car’s structural integrity during rollover accidents to protect the occupants in the car from getting crushed. A damaged windshield, however, will not be able to sustain such heavy impact and instantly flatten out and crush the passengers in the event of a fatal accident.

As a result, it is important to provide the best care and maintenance to your windshield. You must wash and clean your car windshield regularly to prolong its shelf life. And in the event of a damaged windshield, you must get it repaired or replaced immediately, as the needs maybe.

The Problem with Deceitful Car Repair Shops

While dealing with a cracked or chipped windshield, several people lack awareness about the repair and replacement process. Despite realising the role a windshield plays in maintaining a car’s safety, they may not know what kind of care their windshield requires. Upon noticing a chip in the windshield, you may head over to the nearest car repair shop to get it fixed but the closest ones aren’t always trustworthy.

Dishonest and unreliable car repair centres are always looking to dupe unsuspecting customers for their money. Be it a simple cleaning, a quick repair or a total windshield replacement, they often use poor quality materials and parts to reduce their costs but still charge the customers for genuine, top-quality windshields. They may even perform a simple repair but charge the customers for a replacement to pocket extra money.

While losing money unnecessarily may seem like the only problem, there is a much more grave issue at hand when dealing with an untrustworthy car repair shop. Since they do not perform the reparation or replacement process correctly and skimp out on materials, the car’s structural integrity reduces considerably. This makes the passengers more susceptible to danger and prone to fatal accidents as their poor quality windshields cannot sustain any heavy damage.

Hence, it is always advisable to find a trustworthy car repair shop that has an official partnership with reputable car parts manufacturers and offers a written warranty and guarantee for the products used. At AIS Windshield Experts, we only use genuine OEM windshields to ensure safety, provide impeccable service by our expert technicians and offer a 1-year written warranty on the materials used as well on our workmanship for guaranteed customer satisfaction.

How to Identify the Problem with Your Windshield

Now that you know to always check for credibility by looking at online reviews and customer testimonials, you may think there’s no need for you to understand the details regarding windshield repair and replacement. However, it always pays to do your due diligence and be an informed customer. So, here we shall discuss a few measures you can take to determine whether your car windshield requires a repair or replacement to avoid getting duped and make an informed decision.

The biggest problem faced by customers is determining whether their car windshield can be fixed by a simple repair process or requires a complete replacement. Repairs are quicker, cheaper and have zero downtime. Thereby, at AIS windshield Experts, we have adopted a ‘Repair First’ policy to offer quick turnaround time. However, it is important to remember that only chips and dents on the outer surface of the windshield can be repaired.

In the event of a cracked windshield, you will always require a windshield replacement. The reason for this is that a chip only nicks the outer layer of the windshield whereas a crack penetrates into the deeper layers of the windshield, thereby compromising the integrity of it. A replacement, however, takes about an hour and requires you to wait a few hours before driving the car. So, if a windshield repair expert charges you for a replacement but states the car will be ready within an hour, they are most likely duping you.

Keeping these tips in mind, you can always be a step ahead of the deceitful windshield repair companies. Learning the basics about windshield repair and replacement can prevent you from getting fooled by a windshield repair expert, save money and also ensure safety.

But in the end, despite knowing all the details, you must always hand your car only to trusted car repair companies. AIS Windshield Experts - India’s leading windshield repair and replacement network uses 100% genuine and high-quality materials, offers written warranty and guarantees maximum customer satisfaction. Get an expert consultation today!

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