What Factors Can Damage Your Car’s Sunroof?


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Your car's sunroof is a great feature and it is made up of very strong glass which can withstand severe conditions, but it can be damaged. We will look at what can harm it, like bad weather or simple accidents. Knowing these things is important to keep your sunroof working and looking good. So, let's find out what could be putting your sunroof in danger.

Weather Events

  • Hail - Storms with hail can cause small dents and cracks in the sunroof glass. Larger hailstones can even shatter the glass entirely. You can also look for a sunroof installation near me online.
  • Wind and storms - Strong winds can apply force on the sunroof and hardware, loosening tracks and weakening the seal. Flying debris during storms is also hazardous.
  • Sun exposure - Years of the sun beating down can fade and deteriorate sunroof seals and weatherstripping. UV rays also weaken the glass over time.
  • Temperature shifts - From hot summer days to icy winters, temperature extremes and rapid changes cause expansion and contraction that stresses glass and seals.
  • Rain - Excessive rain can find its way into tiny cracks or worn seals, potentially leaking into the cabin and causing electrical issues.
  • Properly maintaining and weatherproofing your sunroof helps withstand inevitable environmental encounters.

Neglecting Maintenance

Lack of proper maintenance speeds up the demise of your sunroof. Be diligent about:

  • Cleaning the tracks- Built up dirt, grime, and debris in the sunroof tracks can impede smooth opening and closing. You can also look for a sunroof installation price.
  • Checking the drain tubes - Clogged drains lead to rainwater backing up and leaks. Keep them clear.
  • Inspecting seals and weatherstripping - Look for cracks, tears, brittleness and ensure they form a tight seal.
  • Testing for leaks - Park under a sprinkler or use a hose to check for any dripping water in the cabin.
  • Lubricating rubber seals and tracks - Prevents sticking and maintains supple weather seals.

Improper Use

  • Overextending - Opening the sunroof too far past its tracks strains the motor and hardware.
  • Incorrect closing - Forcing the sunroof closed if obstructed can blow the fuse, burn out the motor, and shatter glass.
  • Unattended opening - Ventilating on the highway can create air pressure that lifts the sunroof up and shatters the glass.
  • Objects protruding - Sticks, luggage, tree branches and many more, extending out can prevent closing and cause mechanical damage.
  • Passengers standing - People sticking their head and body through an open sunroof cause safety issues and mechanical strain.
  • DIY installation issues - Improper aftermarket sunroof installations often lead to leaks and operation problems.

Road Debris and Tree Impact

Road hazards are inevitable over thousands of miles behind the wheel. Watch out for:

  • Flying gravel- Small sharp stones kicked up on highways can nick and fracture sunroof glass.
  • Construction debris - Nails, screws, pebbles and other particles on the road easily damage sunroof glass and panels.
  • Overhanging branches - Low hanging limbs can scrape across the sunroof while driving, or falling branches can make a direct impact.
  • Hail and ice - These frozen precipitations cause glass fractures on impact while driving.
  • Creeping foliage - Vines, leaves, acorns, and other vegetation debris can impede sunroof operation if allowed to accumulate.
  • Adding protective screens, garaging your car, and avoiding overgrown roads help evade road debris and object impacts.

Interior Factors

Believe it or not, hazards inside your car can also sabotage your sunroof:

  • Passenger movement- Occupants contacting the sunroof glass with arms, legs, head, etc. during travel risk damage.
  • Cargo hauling - Improperly secured tall, heavy, or sharp objects bumping against the sunroof can cause harm.
  • Smoking residue - Smoke, ash, and nicotine from cigarettes and cigars can stain or cloud sunroof glass.
  • With vigilance and precaution, you can also control risks inside your car to avoid sunroof damage.

The Bottom Line

A sunroof delivers plenty of enjoyment, but only if properly maintained and protected. Being mindful of environmental, mechanical, roadway, and interior hazards allows you to take preventative action. Address any minor issues promptly before they spiral into major sunroof damage. With proactive care and attention, you can keep your sunroof smooth, sealed, and damage-free for miles to come. For car sunroof installation service, you can contact AIS Windshield Experts.

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